2 Months on TRT. Need Help with Arimdex

Hey all, my original post can be found here: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/25-y-o-6-weeks-into-trt-newlabs-help/237622/49

This^^ also includes all relevant blood work. one other thing… im in canada and i believe my estradiol test was the standard as theres no sensitive test… is this still a valid measurement?

Currently on 100mg Test - 2x/week @ 50 mg ea

I have a quick question. My doc prescribed arimidex since my e2 was elevated (48pg/ml)
He prescribed .5mg 1x/week…

SO do i start with that or should i divide it into smaller doses and take throughout the week?
Also whats best day to take it, with my T shots?

Divide the dose in half. And take .25mg the same day you inject.

Hey man, I’m in Canada too. When you state “e2” is that shortform for Estradiol? That’s all I see on my labs, Estradiol.

Yeah you got it! E2 is short form for estradiol. Have you asked your doctor if a sensitive test is available?

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No, I didn’t know Estradiol isn’t a sensitive test. I will see my urologist in 2 months for the first follow-up.

This is my baseline: Estradiol 81 pmol/L 40-160

By the way, I’m in Ottawa. Be crazy if we have the same urologist at the Civic.

P.S. What is the proper terminology when asking for the sensitive estradiol test in Canada? Would it be “sensitive” or “ultrasensitive”? My urologist is in a Hospital that does labs onsite, I might get lucky? @KSman

We have vastly more experience and insight that almost all doctors.

Your target should be E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L

To get there most guys need 1mg anastrozole per 100mg T ester. So 0.5mg with each 50mg T injection probably needed.

Anastrozole is competitive with T at aromatase enzyme reaction sites and it thus needs to match T levels. So once a week is simply wrong. Taking at time of injections has serum levels of T and anastrozole rising and falling roughly together and that works well. Your doc is not considering the basics about how anastrozole works or its half-life.

If you inject T subq your T levels will be smoother. You can use #29 1/2" 0.5ml syringes.

There is more that you need to know in the stickies.

The issues re E2 lab sensitive VS whatever is very much lab specific and there is no universal meaning. Some labs will not resolve lower levels as need by TRT guys and something like E2<29pg/ml would be useless.

In Canada with T+hCG+AI
That is great and rarely seen there.

@jboy14 you have a great protocol please tell me your doc name and what city you are in . I’m in montreal and I need to get this protocol

please private message me as I do not want to share that info publicly. He is based in the GTA!

thanks for feedback. He is pretty knowledgeable, but i have just been doing minor tweaks according to what information you guys provide here on the forums!

am i okay with starting with .5mg arimidex per week? i will get bloods in a couple weeks to see how much it has lowered e2 … Id rather be safe than sorry as i heard crashing e2 really sucks big time!

hey man thats a good value for e2 accoring to the standard test we have access too here. No i am in the GTA not ottawa… I have a follow up in a few weeks and will ask my urologist about available tests but so far i feel okay

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my baseline was already at 151pmol… he had me on hcg montherapy which has been known to elavte e2 levels… plus i was on clomid for almost a year before that according to another urologist and HE never once chekded my e2 levels!! so idont doubt mine were elevated before beginning TRT

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