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2 Months on TRT, Blood Results Are In

Hello people, I need some help regarding my blood test that’s come back, being on trt just over 2 months. I feel ok, sleeping good and overall outlook in life is better.

At this time I don’t feel optimised. I still have symptoms - lack of erections and libido are my main concerns.

20mg of test c ED in the morning w/slin needle (140mg 6 weeks in)
HGH 1IUS ED in the morning
Cialis 5mg ED

Blood test was taken in the morning before injection.

Have heard that low prolactin can cause issues just like too high can. Do you take anything to suppress PRL?

I was taking caber at 0.25mg couple months ago. I’m also on HGH at 1IUS everyday, could that possibly bring my prolactin levels up? I was actually thinking to increase my t dose to make me feel better but looking at my bloods my numbers seem high already.

It does have a long HL but I’d think it would be out by then. However, in tumor studies, they give ppl Caber for 6 months to shrink a tumor then stop, so maybe there’s a lasting effect on PRL?

I don’t jackoff or have sex as much could that be one reason? I mean I feel better mentally on higher doses but I can’t seem to put my finger on my sex drive and the thought of sex doesn’t really come to mind.

Your Total T is over 2300 ng/dL and Free T >4x the reference ranges, maybe that has something to do with not feeling optimized as not everyone is going to feel dialed in at these supraphysiological levels.

Your estradiol isn’t that high (69 pm/mL) for someone on TRT given your Total T value. Normally I see estradiol levels this high in men with Total T values with less than half of yours.

I have mine at 62 (TT 500 ng/dL, FT top of range) without any symptoms and have had it as high as 70 without issue. That’s not to say that someone else won’t have symptoms at these E2 levels.

Hi. Thanks for the response. I’m young (24) and fit. I ride a bicycle 7 days a week approx 10 hours a day, which keeps me fairly lean. Could this result in lower Estradiol levels?

I increased my dose today to 28mg. I’m feeling much better. I had a spontaneous erection for the first time today in weeks and the glands of my penis doesn’t seem dry as it use to be. Im thinking of sex again :slight_smile:

When I starting trt back in November last year I was taking 0.75mg of Adex per week with 125mg of test c. Could it be possible I’m still recovering from low Estradiol? I’m at a loss here, I’m thinking to increase t shot to 28mg ED (196mg week) or go to a lower dosage at EOD to increase e? I’m with a private hormone clinic in the UK, I’d like to go to my doctor with all the best information possible because it seems like to me he’s abit clueless


This is typical, but as the body starts to adapt, things may change in 4-6 weeks because now that you made a dosage change, hormones are unstable.

I have to wonder about your other biomarkers at these supraphysiological levels and what you are trying to achieve.

No, anastrozole blocks aromatase and once the medicine is ceased, in a short period of time estradiol recovers.

I see. So I want to achieve homeostasis. I have some form of anxiety going on and im not sure what is bring it on. Could this be that my body is try to find a balance? I’m currently taking 24mg every day. How long should I wait til I asses how I feel?

You were already told why. You’re running way too high of a dosage for you.

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I had anxiety for years. Lower doses didn’t fix it. Shouldn’t a higher dose help ?

TRT isn’t a panacea, and TRT may not alleviate your anxiety at any dosage. I think you should attempt to dial in at a more reasonable replacement dosage without an AI.

Dude, this is probably your problem right here. Take 2 days off a week from exercise.

Lower your TRT dose.

Unless it’s medically necessary for you, stop the HGH. 1iu a day is kinda worthless as it’s pretty much just a replacement dose and will make you hungry and drowsy. If you’re taking it for a cosmetic effect, then you should be taking 2-4iu/day in a cycle.

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Cut back of caffeine if you’re taking any. <100mg/day

Huh? Literally 10 hours a day? That seems like an issue to me.

Your T levels are already very high for TRT. I 100% believe your sudden improvements on the increased dose are in your head and more than likely a higher dose is not the answer.

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Are you certain you are only using 140mg a week?
Those numbers are insane

Unless you have PAIS, which you almost certainly don’t… This dose is too high.

I don’t think even Danny Bossa would’ve advocated running around with these numbers year round.

Increasing the dose with FT 4x the upper portion of the ref range… Facepalm… Not everything is about testosterone, look at other variables within your lifestyle

It’s possible if he’s an endurance athlete. Last year during lockdown I’d ride 2-3 hours per day + elliptical + weights (sometimes) + run 3(ish) miles. I’d spend a very large portion of my day exercising.

Or he does it for a living. Courier… pedal cart driver etc. no way you have the time for it otherwise