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2 Months on Testosterone - My Lab Results

Hi everyone,

Just got off a call with my doctor to share my results. My current dose is 200mg FYI.

I didn’t get the lab results back on paper (we just had a call) but here are the main takeaways I got back

Total testosterone: >1500 ng/dL
Estrogen (sensitive): 39
Psa: didn’t give me a number said was good
Thyroid: good as well
Cholesterol: improved a lot from when I started
HDL: 46
LDL: dropped, can’t remember the number
Total: dropped as well, in Good range
Hematocrit: 46

Everything else came back good. The only question i have is In regards to blood donating. As the doctor said it would be a good idea to go in since my hematocrit raised from 41-46 since I started. What kind of blood is needed to donate? Whole blood correct?

So far so good on everything else.

What’s FT and SHBG?

I’m assuming this is one 200mg shot per week?

No. 2 100mg shots Sunday Thursday

Free T was again high
SHBG low normal

Post numbers.

I don’t have them. I got the results back on a phone call from the doctor there. I’m just wondering what kind of blood I need to donate. Whole blood is the right one correct?

Yeah, whole blood, or maybe a double red blood cell donation. Donating plasma would probably make it worse for a bit.

I guess go with what the doc suggests, but donating at 46, isn’t really necessary. Get up into the 50s and then maybe start thinking about it. Doc may insist though. Weird, he’s okay with prescribing 200mg/week of test but is really conservative on the hematocrit.

That’s a nice way of putting it. 46 is good, I can’t even understand why anyone would think to donate at that level


Didn’t prescribe it just was a recommendation based on my hematocrit rising from when I started. Just said I can go donate if I wanted to but it’s not urgent

No need to donate at all. If that’s a 3-4 day trough number you can likely dial your dose down a bit if you want. Or YOLO it either way.

I took the test 48hrs after my last shot. Feel good on this dosage for now haha

Well, donating is a nice thing to do, but there is no medical need to donate at this point.

I try to be fairly diplomatic in my responses. There’s a lot of doom sayers around so I try to provide a calmer counterpoint. :slight_smile:


Im at 53htc and dont sweat it. I should be getting tested again soon. This time Ill be sure to hydrate. Made the mistake of going in for a BT fasted and dehydrated.

My docs tells me to decrease my dosage and/or donate when HCT reaches or is approaching 54% even though the ranges are 40-50%. There is no need to donate and also you can suppress ferritin if you donate excessively or when it’s unnecessary.

HCT on the higher end is one of the benefits of TRT, no reason to take away any of the benefits.

That’s a peak reading and not how it’s done, trough levels are how we measure whether or not a protocol is a success. I have seen guys peak high within 48 hours and 7 days later (weekly injections) and their trough levels are low, but because they were testing at peak, they were unaware.

One thing to know is that thicker blood makes blood passages wider and bigger, which is why vascularity becomes more apparent and why erections become stronger. Higher HCT is a benefit in athletics, becoming anemic isn’t. And dont compare this to pro cyclist protocols that involve blood doping, and out of the ordinary physical exertion.