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2 Months Off TRT, Lab Results

As some of you may know i recently got off trt due too wrong treatment and decided to level out for a new doctor before he decided to just chase a tail on fixing my last doctors mistakes with me. Well, 2 months has passed and I did my lab work and just got my results. when I was on trt this last time my hematocrit was always high, hemoglobin was always high, estrogen either high or low depending if I took anastrozole which crashed it. So the lab work I got back. I’m 31 years old. My total T was 277 ng/dl. It’s came down like 190 in 2 months. My free T is 4.5, my estradiol is 10.1 (sensitive test). But other tests were high throughout my entire time on testosterone treatment. My ALT lover test ran in the 100s, my cholesterol both HDL and LDL were high always, my vitamin D and vitamin B12 was always low. And now my lab results are in and everyone of these are within normal range. Everyking is normal now… except my T which is low normal 264-960 and my estradiol which is low normal range is 8.7-35 or something… so I really don’t know what to do. Only thing different I’ve done is stopped treatment. Seriously, I’m laid off in the winter for my job. The first 5 weeks off treatment was hell. Bad bad anxiety. I’ve been a couch potato due to cold winter. Any ideas what I should do? Try to naturally raise my levels? How can I naturally raise my estradiol into the 20s.

What was TT and FT before treatment?

I believe you are just very sensitive to androgens, Dr. Saya recommended 12mg EOD, daily could also provide steadier levels. Thing is T-Cyp causes spikes in testosterone and estrogen that can cause anxiety and mood problems in some men.

A daily protocol was the only protocol where I felt no peaks and troughs even during the first 6 weeks where peaks and troughs are expected, I no anxiety at all. You would have to start out probably 5mg daily or 12mg EOD as recommended by Defy.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, you will have to be ready to deal with some discomfort early on, we all must go through the growing pains.

Last summer before I started on a bad protocol they didn’t check my estradiol or free T. I wish i knew then what I know now…but my total T before treatment started was 188.

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The doctor i speak with now is Dr. Saya. Haven’t talked to him yet since I got lab results but he wants me to do 12mg EOD. Im just wondering if there’s anything I can do to naturally keep my levels up? Or improve them to try first? And why is my estradiol on the lower side? Any idea how to raise that up. It was at 18 2 months ago and now it’s 10.1

@systemlord how long have you been on treatment? Does your cholesterol or ALT run high?

So it’s low before and after. Don’t expect your body to naturally increase t now. Systems broken for us and we’re stuck with trt.

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It takes time for everything to level out as well. A few months is only a snap shot. You want to see how you do at the end of a marathon… 1 year

So you think I should take a whole year before deciding what to do? Or just saying its gonna continue to lower over a year. When i started testosterone I weighed 265 pounds. I’m now 215. I can make the changes I need broken system or not if there is a way to do it. Does it go hand in hand? Low T and low estradiol? Just nervous about starting back up. And causing levels to get to high and having to.come off testosterone again…dont think I want to go.through this twice. But i also dont want to die young because of.something like this either.

Sorry, but no. Your natural levels have declined too early in life, no one recovers from levels this low. There is something broken inside and is happening to a lot of men worldwide and no one knows why, MRI’s look normal and no cause is found, yet a problem remains.

There are those who refuse to accept reality, those guys will prolong the inevitable, but eventually it will sink in they need TRT after suffering needlessly for several years.

I’ve been on TRT for over two years, been working with Defy since 7 months ago and making more progress. I’m on 20mg EOD, no HCG, no AI for several weeks.

My cholesterol or ALT are perfect, been on medications (clonazepam) since 14 years old (turning 47), alway had high ATL on medication. Been off prescriptions drugs ever since TRT and for the first time since age 14, liver enzymes look perfect for the first time in my life.

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Ya they did MRI on my pituitary and did thyroid ultrasounds and some other rest all were normal. Guess I’ll start back up with Justin Saya. He seems very legit. Just worried that what happens when Just in saya is no longer around lol… that’s reassuring on your levels being normal. I’m sure with me at first doing 200mg biweekly and then 100mg weekly just didn’t work for me and hurt my body for the worse. I appreciate your feedback and reply. Very helpful.

It will stay low. If you start TRT give it a year to see your body start stabalizing. I’m not saying ignore your body but a few months is not going to fix much but labido and give some energy and sleep benefits.

Your body needs T. It’s cryinf for help. Give it what it needs. Otherwise your gonna get worse. Life’s gonna suck for years to come at those levels. I had 185 and 3.5 free t. It was horrid. I’m 3 months in and better. Not great but way better. I have a great doc and I know he will get me fixed up in 2-3 more months.

Thanks man, this is reassuring. Just had to ask before I hop on the trt again. I really appreciate all the help.

Sure. Make sure you work with a reputable doc and clinic. Guys here use defy. I use dr Nichols.

I switched to defy 2 months ago…dr. saya and I decided to wait 2 months to level out some before he chased a tail from my previous quackster. I just wanted to ask your guys opinions before spending 250 dollars on this telephone dr. Visit. @systemlord now that your dialed in how often do you got to these Dr visits and labwork?

Every 6 months.

Thanks that’s doable

How is your PSA if you don’t mind me asking. Has It gotten any worse with treatment?

It’s at the bottom range, there are men on TRT with PSA’s over 10 and doing fine.