2 Months Off Everything

First, keep in mind, the blood have been taken 1 month ago, but I just receive it today. So I have no fuking clue if my level have changed from that time. I still havent took a PCT because I wanted to see where I was better starting stomething.

I stopped TRT because of worsening of symptoms ( Felt better pre TRT). since stopping I still feel worse than pre trt area.

Pre TRT (frebruary 2013 ):

Estradiol: 85.8pmol/L range 0-146
LH: 2.9 Ul/l ----- ref: 1.3-8.6
Cortisol AM: 616 nmol/L ---- ref:171-536
TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: 455ng/L(15,7nmol) have tested at little lower around 385 ng/L
Biodisponible test(free test): 9.1 nmol/L Range: 6.0-22.0

Synthroid taked and TSH under controle.

2 month of TRT, no PCT (january 2014) :
Estradiol: 81pmol/L range 0-146
LH: 1.8 Ul/l ----- ref: 1.3-10.6
FSH 1.6Ul/l ------ ref: 1.6-12.4
TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: 311ng/L(10.8nmol/L) 8.69-29
Biodisponible test(free test): 4 nmol/L Range: 6.0-22.0
DHEA 5.79 umol/L ref range: 4.81-11.26

Right now, I feel like chit. Lets say pre TRT I felt 4-5/10, now I feel 2. I still havent gained my love for the iron back, libido still dead, no motivation, etc.

Here is the thing. Like pre trt, my test is low (even lower now), but my lh and fsh remains low. As I can see, even DHEA is low (don’t know if it change something).

What should I do? Im thinking about starting clomid to boost LH, but is it just a temporary fix? man I about to off myself fuk this chit.

thanks for the help , appreciate it.