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2 Months Into Cutting

Ive been cutting for almost 2 months and I’d say it has been going pretty well. Ive lost about 25lbs, and I don’t look any smaller muscle wise. I was about 240, now I’m 215. my diet was around 2500 on non lifting days and 2800 on lifting days and on weekends I up it by 500 or so rev the metabolism, and its the only days I see my girlfriend so I cheat a little. I’m 6’0, lifts are for 1 rep max
Bench- 280
Squat- 420
Dead- somewhere over 400, haven’t maxed out in a while
Hang Clean- 255

My strength has stayed the same except for chest which has really dropped off, I could do 280 now I have trouble repping 225 over 5x. I was doing the real fast fat loss by cosgrove and all but my lifts felt like they were declining so I’m gonna go back to stuff under 6 reps.

But My question is: If I walk and lift shit all day at my job with an elevated heart rate and lift 3x a week and do sprints once a week, is 25-30lbs too much for a little under 2 months? I was pretty fat, not obese, so I had a lot to lose and Im pretty close to where I want to be now. my bicep measurement was 16.5 and now is 15.5, is that muscle being lost or what, do I lose about an inch with 25lbs of fat loss? thats the main question.