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2 Months into Clean Bulk, Pic Progress?


2 months ago
138 lbs

152 lbs (yes creatine bloat ftl)

Do I seem to be bulking correctly based on these pictures? Should I have made more progress in a little under 2 months than I appear to have made?

I think I look better in the first one but I also am lifting a hell of a lot more now than I was then even though I looked more ripped then. Also my face looked sickly skinny during the first pics.


I'm speechless. Wrong forum? Or do you have a question?

Shoulders need LOTS of work. Keep bulking...


LOL at "creatine bloat". Anyone telling you to cut right now has their head up their ass. This isn't about whether you "looked better" when you were lighter. It is about what your long term goal is and whether what you are doing will help you reach it. Keep eating and lifting and hit us back in another 20lbs.

Oops, I mean 50lbs.


Just making sure I look like I am bulking correctly and how I should look after a little under 2 months of "clean bulking". I have no desire to cut until maybe a year or more of this. Long term goal is to get as big and as lean as I can naturally.


Dude, two months isn't enough time for ANYONE to be making any judgments...which is why your comments about how lean you look right now only show how little you actually know and possibly your fear of gaining much body weight to begin with.

Yes, there are guys like "kingbeef" on this site who can gain 50lbs yet look like they are one month of dieting away from competition. Most people are not going to experience that though.

I have ok genetics for growth, yet if I had tried to remain under 10% body fat the entire way through, I would probably still be stuck around 200lbs or less.


I do not care about lean ness for the time being, I just wanted to see if I was putting on any muscle or not


...and once again 2 months is not enough time for us to see much change in pictures.

Let me make this clear for you...in pictures, the only way changes will be visible in that short a time frame is if you gained in excess of 10-15lbs of muscle (more-so around 20lbs) or lost significant body fat. fat loss shows much more quickly in pictures than muscle gain unless that gain was very substantial. Your two month time frame isn't long enough to be judging progress by pictures. You should be relying more on whether your strength is going up, whether your sleeves fit tighter, or whether you get remarks from others who haven;t seen you in a while but are also into weight lifting.

I can gain 10lbs of muscle but unless someone has a very sharp eye, they likely won't notice that gain in a picture unless I also lost significant body fat along with it.


You and me have the same frame. We can get away with a lot of carbs and I mean A LOT. Ffs you look damn lean. What's all this talk of "clean bulk"? I eat clean and occasionally will eat a couple whoppers from BK (hold mayo),pizza, bread sticks. Let me tell you what it doesn't phase me one bit.

you're making decent progress. Yet don't get caught up in having to eat like a bodybuilder dieting for a contest.

Come back in 6 months or 1 year to get evaluated. That would show better progress


Also what's up with no leg shots? You working them out even? You can add a lot of weight hitting legs to you know. They only hold some of the biggest muscles in your body, next to your back....


not @ home right now w/ pants on. I do squats and stiff leg deaflifts for legs. The only thing I don't do that is major is barbell military press for shoulders. I do dumbell shoulder press instead of barbell military press, am I missing out by doing this?


I've gotta be honest...you don't look like you're putting on any weight except on your midsection. I completely agree with what X is saying, however, I think you may want to re-evaluate your nutrition and training methods. It looks like almost all of that weight went straight to your gut...your arms, chest, shoulders, everything else looks the same to me.

Losing your abs is one thing when putting on size and is obviously expected, but only gaining that weight on top of your abs is another. Have your lifts been going up? My opinion remains though that you may want to re-evaluate how you are training and possibly your diet...you're clearly in a surplus and maybe I'm just lucky but when I go into a surplus of calories, I can see the surplus in my muscles at least as equally as in my adipose...


I don't know personally I like overloading my shoulders via high incline smith machine or BTN(behind-the-neck)cybex machine presses.

Yet if dbs are all you have access to, it's good enough. Yet if you can I'd at least alternate.


Well, you went from a yellow-orange hue skin color to more of a tannish brown, so that's a positive.


What numbers were you putting up at 138, what do they look like today?


that's kind of what I was thinking, but since my lifts have gone up so substantially I'm really not sure what exactly is going on.


Was benching 185 x 4, now doing 195 x 6. Was deadlifting 315 x 4 before, now doing 340 x 4. My lifts basically stayed the same for the last 2 or so months of the cut, but starting shooting up once I switched to bulking and started taking creatine.


The crazy thing is the amount I am eating is probably not even what most of you would think is "sufficient". It's around 2500 calories a day, probably closer to 2300 though. I also do light cardio 2-3x a week now (wasn't doing this for the first month of bulking though, just started to do this recently)


Yeah...a 14 pound body weight gain with your bench only going up essentially 10 pounds?...something's wrong here. You're not gaining much muscle with whatever you're doing.


Is the mic on mute? IT IS TOO FUCKING SOON TO BE MAKING THOSE JUDGMENTS, especially off of one fucked up pic. If I had stopped gaining weight the moment any of it went to my stomach, I would still be TRYING to get big. Everyone doesn't gain the same and two fucking months is not enough time to be making drastic changes because someone thought you gained fat over the internet. You could very well be on the way to making decent gains but you will short circuit them because of this type of thinking.

Also, if you aren't putting in enough effort in the gym, any extra food you eat will simply become extra body fat. Working much harder than average is what sets apart those who seem to "gain nothing but fat" and those who make others jaws drop by how much muscle they gained.

Your concern should be whether your weights used are going up along with your body weight.


Im not making any changes at all, just wanted feedback unless the majority of the feedback was that I am doing something very incorrectly, which it isn't. How do you tell if you are putting in enough effort at the gym? I make sure each day I spend in the gym is hell and if it's not hell than I know I'm not lifting enough. Other than making sure I am increasing my lifts ever 1-2 weeks, not sure what else tells me if I am lifting hard enough?