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2 Months In, No Sex Drive


I'm 23 and weigh 205, height is 6ft. I've been on cycle for little over 2 months, I was taking 100 mg of var for the first 2 months. I do 250 test e 3 times a week and I'm also on 250 hcg 3 times a week and .5 adex eod.

The side effects I am having is I have no sex drive and sometimes the boys hurt. What can I do for sex drive? I thought if anything my sex drive would be higher not lower


Maybe cut back on the test a little.


How would that help? I'm not really even taking that much


lower AI dose


I don't like seeing people taking 0.5mg adex EOD too when its just as easy to take 0.25mg ED. Like with all things fitness, the key is consistency and not fluctuation. The dose of 750mg/week test is also high for some people, but for others they are just fine and don't even need an AI. That's why I'd always recommend to start basic and then add stuff in, like AI, when needed. I'd think the first sign of high estrogen would be crazy water retention. Add it in then.


I have to say man I disagree with a lot of what you said there. The half life of adex is such that you really don't need to dose it every day. I would recommend the OP went down to 0.25mg eod.

I'd also always run an AI from the start. The symptoms of high E aren't always so apparent, then you hit PCT and BAM! You go into PCT with elevated E and no test in your system you can kiss your boner goodbye.


Any one else?


Why dont you get blood work done?


Like Yogi said. Cut the adex to .25 eod. Could make all the difference


So..you have NO sex drive but you named yourself powerstrokin??? I like your sense of humor, lol