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2 Months Free, Get Busy!


I;v currently got 2 months off Uni and was going to start hitting the gym HARD.

I am allready doing resistance training 6 times a week, but am not doing any real consistant cardio/fat burning work.

So how sould I do this?

I was told that should try and keep cardio away from resistance, and what about diet? low carb? etc etc…

Any real info will help, iv been training for 2.5 months now, and am loving it! Made a lot of muscle, but havent lost enough fat.

Im currently

bfat 25%-30% (estimate)


Metabolic Drive: breakfast/supper
Horsley’s Ice: Pre and Post training
Shot chair Carbs: pre and Pst training
Smash: Pre training
Omega 3 tables: 5 a day


The basics are what have helped me! Squat, dead lift, shoulder press, bench, rows, pull ups. I’ve noticed that after including core work to my routine, my abs have greatly improved and it has helped me in all my lifts.

Your diet is key. If you want to get lean, you’ll want to keep the protein intake up to maintain your muscle mass, but keep your calories down a little bit to lose the fat.

Make sure you’re getting your rest too. I noticed a huge difference when I made it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Naps also help out a ton, and who doesn’t like a nap?

Supplements are also a “help”. They are not going to do everything, but “supplement” what you are already doing. I would add creatine, whey, fish oil, flax seed oil, and a daily multi-vitamin to the mix.

Don’t focus too much on the little stuff. Stick to the basics and set weekly goals every week to increase your lifts. Keep up the good work!