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2 Months Cutting, Yet I Look the Same

I look the exact same as when I did at my peak of 85.5kg/188lbs, its been two months now and I’m 80.3kg/177lbs and look the exact same, I made sure to take pics of my face and body and I still look fat (they’re identical) i have managed to maintain my ohp and bench strength and hit 10kg/22lbs pr on deadlift and 5kg/11lbs on squat. I was eating 2700kcals and dropped to 2500kcals 3 weeks ago because I was stagnating. 2 months of cutting and I still look like I’m at 16% percent bodyfat. Why do I still look fat and what am I doing wrong?

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Post pics. How are pants fitting? Any looser around the belt?

If you’re losing weight and your strength isn’t decreasing, you’re likely not doing anything wrong. You just underestimated the time it takes to get lean.

Post before/after pics.


Did you have anything to cut down to?


There’s a no man’s land between no longer being a bit fluffy and starting to looking lean that feels like nothing is changing. Chances are there a subtle changes that you don’t notice, often you can see it in your back first.

I’d second the people saying there is probably more fat to lose than you think. First time I got to a decent level of leanness, I started at 84kg and thought that 78kg would be it.

Well, I started seeing decent muscle at 78 and had to get down to 72kg to see ab veins.

Keep grinding away.


Maybe i overlooked it.
… but i didnt see any mention of anytype of conditioning work.

I ran a couple of laps of a football pitch several times and did a few sprints but its not something I do regularly

I did notice changes, but they’re very unnoticeable, I still look pretty much the same.

I think you look leaner.


Indeed our bro @fred1997 looking way better!

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11 lbs down in 8 weeks and no loss of strength,… kinda tough to agree that nothing’s happening. May just still be in that “not quite lean enough yet” zone.

This is where most people throw their hands in the air and give up. My advice? Don’t.



I found this article by Coach Thibaudeau to be a good read on this issue https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-get-shredded-without-losing-muscle