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2 Months after Cycle, Advice on Bloodwork Results

Back story and bloodwork from january here:

TLDR: 8 month “cycle”, test doses a bit above TRT, half test half EQ, sporadic use of HCG.
Last shot injected late december, couple days before new years.
PCT was not really a pct, just 5000IU HCG over 4-5 days

New bloodwork levels:

Testosteron 6 ref 8-35
estrogen 0,07 ref 0,00-0,17
FSH 3 ref 1-12
LH 1 ref 1-10
free test 1,4 ref 2,3-9,9
shbg 43 ref 8-60
hemoglobin 17,1 ref 13,4-17
TSH 4,2 ref 0,20-4

So obviously things are not good. I also feel like shit, but thats expected.
Would like some quick advice on how to proceed.

As a sidenote, i had no idea the doc would test for TSH, which if i understand correctly is exogenous testosterone. So this is basically like a failed drug test?
I got this test at my normal doctor, which i now immensly regret because its in the journal forever and can cause me all sorts of problems. (Nordic country)
Admitting steroid use is no bueno in my case, legally, workwise, insurancewise and in each and every other way.
I had no idea this could be traced as long as 6 weeks after the last shot and dont know what to say to the doc, i wasnt looking for meds because im going to buy those underground. Just wanted the results to see how things were.
Any way to explain this, jon jones style if necessary?
Tainted dick pills?
Laced creatine?
Accidentally drank a shotglass full of HCG?
Or maybe the Canelo approach, mexican meat consumption? I mean, i did eat some vagina over there in between all the tacos.
Allright, ill shut up, but would appreciate some more serious suggestions. Ill face up to it if i have to, the recovery is the most important after all…

I think you’ve got your acronyms wrong.

A TSH test is done to find out if your thyroid gland is working the way it should. … If untreated, a thyroid disorder can cause health problems. TSH stands for “thyroid stimulating hormone” and the test measures how much of this hormone is in your blood . TSH is produced by the pituitary gland in your brain.

Your FSH 3 ref 1-12 and LH 1 ref 1-10 is in the mud. This points to hypogonadism nothing more. Which we know is not the case since to your rans a cycle and shut that production down, if you can call 8 months a cycle. That was pretty stupid and you may never recover. Your FSH and LH sure have not recovered.
I think you are worrying for the wrong reasons. You are safe with your government you are not safe returning to natty. You might need TRT the rest of your life.

I understand.
Reason i got it mixed up is because they wrote a note under the test scores where they said: exogenous testosterone? TSH above limit.

Stupid indeed. Can`t change stupid.
I would like some advice on a HPTA restart attempt, but not sure if i should run low dose HCG before going on Nolvadex, or if i should go straight to Nolva without HCG.

Straight to Nolva. Immediately. 40/40/20/20.

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@iron_yuppie, I don’t understand, school me. Why does he need Nolva? Its a Estrogen receptor antagonist antineoplastic agent. (in english it prevents Gyno)
His E2 estrogen 0.07 ref 0.00-0.17 No man boobs are happening with that low of an E2?
He needs his pituitary gland to start producing LH and FSH which should reactivate his balls and as far as I know Nolva doesn’t do any of that. HCG will just keep him shutdown so that is also a no go. Had he taken HCG during his cycle his balls would have at least tried to keep working.

These ancient PCT’s are jacked up. We need new ones that make sense.

@physioLojik Please help us come up with new and improved PCT’s this old crap is just that crap.

Nolva does stimulate LH and FSH production to a degree.

He needs it because he never ran a real pct. Nolva should raise his testosterone levels enough to get him back to a healthier range. It’ll stimulate his HTPA enough to raise FSH and LH and get him going again.