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2 Month Supply List


I'm going to be placing my first order this week and my list goes

6 tubs of Surge
6 tubs of classic Grow!
1 bottle of Spike

This and with what I've been saving should last me 2 months and it equals to under 5 bucks per day. What a deal!

My question is would it be better to buy Biotest creatine or go with HCL. I haven't tried the hcl yet so I don't have any idea how it works.

Anyway I'm glad to find good products at such a cheap price. My friend who refered me to this site says their the shiznit and he's a safe source of info. 5 bucks a day isn't a bad deal at all.


Damn dude! I go through about 1 Surge a month!

The Biotest Creatine is pretty cheap, and it's just as good as the other stuff.


Many on this site feel so strongly about the quality of Biotest that we wouldn't purchase supplements anywhere else, if Biotest made a version of it. Then again, there are supplements that Biotest doesn't make, so some people order elsewhere. Now that Biotest just came out with creatine, there isn't anything I want that I can't order here.

I'm going to comment on your order: One container of Surge has 10 servings of an ideal post-workout formulation (2 scoops per serving for a 180-200 pound person). Six tubs means 60 servings; yeah, there are 60 days in 2 months, but are you really going to work out every single day?

I see that you had another thread recently in which you expressed concern about getting back into working out after an injury/surgery. I'm going to suggest that, in a 2-month period, you don't need Surge every day. If I were stocking up in this way, I'd drop 1 Surge and add (save a few bucks!) 1 Power Drive.

I see you intend to buy Spike. Many (most?) users find it ideal for pre-workout consumption: mental and physical alertness/energy go through the roof. I don't get that boost from it, but I find that 1 scoop Power Drive and a little caffeine does it for me. But even for those who use/love Spike, Power Drive is recommended for use hours after the workout to aid in recovery of the Central Nervous System after a grueling workout. I'd say get yourself 1 container Power Drive (31 servings per) and have it on workout days.

Good luck with getting back into it. Start easy on yourself at first; there's time for setting new personal records later, once you're sure everything is healed.

And welcome to T-Nation.


Do you need creatine? If so, the Biotest stuff is most certainly the way to go. Why would any of us actually suggest another brand? We've all been burned by crap brands in the past. I think it's safe to say we all have loyalty to Biotest here.


Nah, I saw that the supply runs short sometimes so I wanted to stock up. Seems people swear by Surge. I'll probably only be working out 3 times a week.


I didn't mean another brand of creatine I mean't ethyl ester. Is there a big difference in ethyl or the monohydrate Biotest sells. I know theres no difference in brands of monohydrate anyone sells. I want to know if I should buy Biotest monohydrate or go with ethyl ester.

And I'm just stocking up on the Surge seeing how the supply seems to run short sometimes. Thanks guys, I'm a Biotest man myself now, but i didn't see they made ethyl ester.


Just stick to the monohydrate version. I agree with the recommendation of trading in some of the Surge for Powerdrive.


I don't know that much specifcally about Ethyl Ester, but I do believe Carbolin 19 or Methoxy-7 would be great alternatives. I used Ethly Ester about a year ago (new to the supplement game) and had mixed results. I've been on Carbolin 19 now for about three weeks with fantastic results. I've used Methoxy-7 before as well with decetn results.

I would definitely cut back on the Surge (unless money is no object) and get some other supps (ZMA is a godsend). It's too bad Flameout won't back in for a couple weeks.


That's lot of Surge for couple of months. 4 tubs should last you two months.


I always think when calculating how long Surge would last. I've gone through programs of 13 workouts per week, wouldn't this entail 13 servings of Surge, coming to about 52 servings per month? I know this is over 2 tubs. The 13 workouts weren't 95 lb bench presses for 20 reps either.

Just my reasoning for not questioning large amounts of Surge in orders and also the reason I can't really afford Surge for every post-workout all the time.

Buddy, looks like a good staple of supplements you have there. I read the post about coming back from injury also. It happens and just make sure you keep it under control until your body adapts back into training. Good luck!


I just want to stock up on the Surge, and whats the difference between esterfied creatine and the monohydrate version?

I would never in my life workout 13 times in 1 week, that sounds ruff on the body, you sound like you really need Surge cause I dont see much time for recovery in there. I will go with Power Drive instead of Spike for sure. I read people are taking 2-3 tabs per day (way to much). I appreciate you telling me to look at the Power Drive cause thats what I'm getting.

There can't be much of a difference in the creatine Biotest sells compared to basically any creatine, unless it has some extra ingredients I'm not seeing. all creatine comes from 4 suppliers in the world and basically most companies just add dextros and 1 other ingredient i can't remember.

But my buddy wants me to support Biotest too, and I have faith in what he tells me. After all, he refered me here. MUCH MUCH better and cleaner than elite fitness.

Biotest all the way! I'm a believer and a supporter


I'm not going to tell him what to do, but I was assuming he would NOT be on a program of 13 workouts per week, especially shortly after surgery. He said "2 Month Supply List"; that amount of Surge would allow a 2-scoop serving every day; it didn't seem likely that he was going to work out every day for the next 2 months.

But Surge will keep, and if it lasts longer than 2 months, so much the better. OTOH, if this list shows the limit of his financial resources over 2 months, I wanted to suggest an alternative that would aid his CNS recovery.

Tim Man, how often do you do 13/week? Is it one of the programs on this site?



The above link is a good article with information about Creatine Ethyl-Ester... It basically says it's a gimick and doesn't work, and that's a good thing. I copied two sections of it below that should be enough if you don't feel like reading the entire article.


Yeah that was way better than reading the entire article...