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2 Month Progress Before/After Picks

Yes, I know I’m still a skinny little weakling, but I’ve improved a lot since I stopped racing triathlons and started lifting. Just check out my before/after pics.
Below is a pic from before I started lifting. I’m the one with my shirt off (that’s my bro standing next to me).

Here is where I’m at now. Front double biceps…

Back double biceps

Rear lat “spread” (in so much as my tiny lats can actually spread)

Why post? You know you don’t have much and need more size which is about the only critique you’ll get other than “should have put some wheels pics up”. Eat big, train big, come back in a year or so and then show the changes.

Come back when the gains are noticeable, we can’t really tell anything right now. 2 months is usually too short O-o

[quote]RonSwanson wrote:
2 Month Progress Before/After Picks[/quote]
2 months of building muscle?

I expected this thread to be about a 2 month of weight loss.

You are probably noticing a lot of changes since you started working out (im guessing you just started 2months ago) which is really cool and im sure the changes are noticeable for you and the people close to you

Problem is we cannot compare anything with the first pic as its not even close to your other pics

Keep at it, stay motivated, be smart and post back in this same thread in a year

[quote]RonSwanson wrote:
I’m still a skinny little weakling

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
“should have put some wheels pics up”[/quote]

keep going, you still need another 2-3 years under the bars.