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2 Minute Noodles


Alright first of all I'd like to say that I know that 2 minute noodles are virtually void of any nutrients. However when Im on site/on a job they are an easily available food source when I need an extra meal or have not had time to precook pasta or another carb based meal.

Heres my problem, it says on the nutritional information table on the back of the packet that all micronutrient values are based on the noodles and the broth; I strain the broth because it I just dont like it served that way.

Basic Nutr. Info.

Energy- 1680kj or ~400 calories
Protein- 7.6g
Fat- 17.1g
Carbs- 52.2g

Would there be a massive difference in numbers comparing the noodles with and without broth??



Most likely you are cutting out a lot of sodium by skipping the broth, but not much in the way of macros.


You're better off with the fat free ones. Add a can of tuna and it's pretty good.


Doesn't sodium inhibit protein intake.




Beautiful!! Thanks man, I wasnt sure Id even get an answer about it.


Cheers man but Ive already got tuna in another meal and having it once a day is enough for me (Im not a fan I just have it for the protein)


You need some protein in there, otherwise it may as well be sugar. I'm sure you can find something else to mix in


Get the fat free ones and throw in a few pre hard boiled eggs.


When I would have noodles, it would be mixed with tuna and red kidney beans - that's my suggestion.


Well Ive got a protein shake in there with that meal man, but Im curious how it would be sugar if I didnt have anything else with it. The noodles are still in some basic form pasta, are they not??


Oh man If it were that easy. I had an allergy to eggs as a kid, I can have them now but for some psycholgical reason I cant stand their smell. I can have them raw but cook em any sort of way and its a no fly zone.

You've got no idea how bad Maccas is in the morning when you cant have eggs...hot cakes...please


Well, carbs are made from sugar =)


Defeat...*head slumps

Not exactly what I was meaning man but hey