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2% Milk Vs. Almond Milk?


The main downside I see is that almond milk has no protein where as the 2 cups of 2% I drink a day has 16g of protein. Recommendations??


Do you want people to read your mind?

Whats the basis for asking the question?




This. Definitely this. And after this, 7.


What... upside do you see to almond milk?


Ok, we've taken some stabs at your expense, now hopefully you've learned your lesson. Down to business-
A. 2% is fail. If you're drinking Milk, drink Whole milk.
B. If you are concerned about not getting 15g of protein from a certain source, im guessing you arent getting enough protein period.

C. No to Almond milk. Why? Almonds are nuts. If you want, eat them as Nuts. I like chicken, but I dont make Chicken lemonade. I dont care if they sell it at your local grocery store, 90% of the shit they sell is nonsense.
D. You need to specify shit. Are you bulking, are you cutting, are you trolling, etc. Making a thread and throwing some random statement:

EX: "I think A Great White Shark could fuck up a Gorilla in a fight, but not an arm wrestling contest"

Will not get you anything but a bucket load of feces.

This is like one of those lessons you learn about touching fire. Maybe next time you'll be all the wiser...


I think almond milk is good for an alternate fat source. I wouldn't replace regular milk with it but from a dietary stand point i think it's good to vary fats.


don't be a fucking moron, just answer the new guys question.



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Almond milk can be a substitute for regular milk for cooking or for those who just can't mix protein shakes in water. I'm not saying use it for it's abundant nutritional aspects, but in the cooking world it's a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant, don't handle milk well while cutting, or just have to have some sort of milk in their diet.


I drink almond milk ALL THE TIME!

Then I go gardening and flick my labia.

Drink milk. Fuck 2%.. Fuck whole milk. . Buy a cow, suck directly from the teet, don't worry about bacteria or protein content. If anyone questions your methods, punch them in the cunt and continue what you were doing. When your cow runs out of milk, light it on fire, wait until the fire stops and eat what remains. Use the bones to make a cool looking weapon like a fucking klingon would use, and then go to the gym. Use the weapon to slice in half whoever is at the squat rack, then throw your hands up in the air and perform an 18 second war cry.. . no more than 18 seconds. Then squat until your nose bleeds.

On the way home, stop at a store that sells almonds. Buy all of the almonds they sell and take them home to put in a pile. Scream at the fucking pile until it turns into meat. Eat that meat. Then go to bed and do the same thing tomorrow.

In about 6 weeks, you will be pretty much indestructible.

 I shouldn't be allowed to have coffee in the morning. When I drink it and read stupid threads, I do this.


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