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2 Meets in Two Weeks


Planning on doing spf meet with my son the end of Oct. Then another with some friends two weeks later.

My boy says it's too much. Just wanted some other opinions, thanks.


Do you plan on going all out at both meets? That might be too much for most people; however, if you used the first as sort of a barometer (or test day) and then the second one as the one to go balls-to-the-wall, I think that would be more realistic and very doable.


If each meet does not last for 4 hours, I think you will be fine....


Raw or geared?


It's going to be raw. Have done 2 meets prior but bench only. If I stay healthy, planning on doing full meets.


raw it is doable if you plan accordingly, and moderate time in gym between the two meets; geared I think you would be toast...


Thanks guys, nobody called the idea crazy, so I plan to do both. Maybe holding back a tad in the first, so there is something in the tank for the second.


Use the first meet as a test day, not going all out. Kind of line a heavy workout before the second.


Yeah that's what I was thinking.

Your plan sounds doable OP.


I've just done the WABDL Southwest Regionals 7/30/11 and the ISA Europa meet 8/13/11. I was geared in both and I think I should've been just a little bit conservative with my squat attempts at the Europa. I did go 3 for 3 in the deadlift and set a world record in the Masters and Open divisions 275lb weight class. I always take a week off before a meet so my between meet formula was to go thru my normal routine week 1 and take off week 2 as usual. Good luck!