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2 Main Training Days and 1 Optional Day


I am currently training with a friend 2 days a week. He only has the time to train twice a week.
I would like to ad a third optional day for me to train alone.
Wich template would be best for the 2 main days and what should I do on the third day?

Would this be a good idea:

  • 2 lifts 531 (squat/bench and deadlift/press) on main workout
  • assistance exercises on main workout
  • some kind of supplemental work (BBB, FSL… style) on the optional day

I trained like this for a while, and really liked it. Here’s what I did:

2 days of 531, squat/bench and DL/OHP. Either 5x531 (Wendler classic) or a Limited time template.

The third day I really liked what I list below. I stole this from Dan John, and is a great addition to a strength-based or performance-based program.

  1. Rung and ladder (5 rounds of the following) (below is one round. I use a 65 lb DB, but a KB would also work. The weight should be challenging, but nothing too heavy. Also, I try to keep moving during each round with minimal rest, then rest 1-2 minutes between rounds):

Left arm clean and press, Right arm clean and press. 1 pull up
2 left arm clean and presses, 2 right arm clean and presses, 2 pull ups.
3 left arm clean and presses, 3 right arm clean and presses, 3 pull ups.

  1. Then 3 rounds of: (try to use the same weight as above):
    1x8 DB BP left arm; 1x8 DB bench press right; 8 ab wheel roll outs.

  2. Last:
    100 KB swings (nothing heavy, usually 4x25), 100 face pulls (nothing heavy, 5x20)

In this article, Jim talks about an optional third workout when you train two times a week:

“Essentially it’s a bunch of assistance exercises for the upper and lower body – you can choose anything you want. Again, “Workout C” isn’t mandatory but simply a way to get another workout in if you have time. Just remember that the main workouts, A and B, are priority. Get those in first.” (Wendler 2012).

Article (“Effective Training for Busy men”): https://www.t-nation.com/training/effective-training-for-busy-men