2 Leg Workouts in a Day?

My 3 main goals are to increase overall strength, increase vertical and increase sprint speed. My workout would look like this:
M/Th: a.m leg plyo and p.m leg weights
T/F: Upper body
W/Sa/Su: light cardio/stretching
Would splitting up my leg workouts like that be beneficial in the long run or should I consider cutting the volume and putting them in just 1 workout m/th or just do 1 of each a week? Any tips will be very appreciated.

According to Charles Poliquin, doing 2 workouts for one body part in one day is the best way to increase size or strength. He recommends doing heavier weights in the morning and lighter weights at night. But make sure you rest at least 6 hours between workouts.

man just looking at your routine setup it looks horrible to me… the way your routine sounds doing all this cardio and you probably think more is better, i think your not even 150 pounds. dont worry so much about your routine on paper. do some squats like once or twice a week, and im talking about 1 workout on 1 day, if you can do 2 your obviously not giving your all, drink and eat alot do those squats work on shoulder presses, and gain some weight with muscle, then work on speed, work on size or speed first, dont try chasing them both at the same time. just judging by your origional post it seems liek you the type whos afraid to get “fat”.

I think ur 100% correct with the cardio cuz last week when i started on monday i was completely exhauseted after my 2 workouts and figured I’d be better off going hard on my legs 2x a week for 2 a days and arms 2 times a day on a day I have time with 4 days of rest, and i’m doin deadlifts 1x a week and squats 1x along with a couple other lifts cuz ur right i def. need some more strength cuz i can only parallel squat 300 lbs. at 183 lbs (would like to get 2x bodyweight by end of summer). I also understand what ur saying with gaining muscle weight first then workin on speed later but currently I’m pretty slow and on a vertical jump i’m on the ground .45 sec. with most of the ppl i’ve watched being on the ground for about .3 sec. Also, I have an extrememly deep knee bend (get close to parallel) which means i rely more on my strength which isn’t good and less on my plyometric/speed ability which is terrible so i figured I should improve both at once.