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2 Leg Days Hips And Quads

I was wondering how many people split their leg days into 2 seperate days a hip/hammie day and a quad day. I have been going with a single leg day for the legnth of my training(long time only 2 years intelligently or able to post surgery, long story) but have been htinking more and more about breaking it up. I have had great progress with breaking back into two days running it with shoulders and with chest. wondering if breaking up the legs will allow me to hit my hammies morem, they are definately a weak point, had a lower back injury ~8 months ago and think it was alot of hammie tightness that started it. just wondering what everyone thought of the idea and if anyone had some input. most likely it would be broken up like so

Day 1

squat-or variation
leg press
supplemental hip

Day 2
dealift-or variation
GHR-natural(no bench)
supplemental Quad

the volume is kinda low on exercise but usually run 55 or 64 on the big money after warmup adn then 46/48 or something along those lines for supplemental. have had better luck with less volume per day but keep the wieghts aheavy as hell and the intensity high. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions,

Oh yeah Hit a PR on bench today 430 raw BW of 300lbs want to get to 450 to have a 1.5*BW bench had to tell someone no one I know lifts they all look at me like I am crazy when I talk about it.


i do and i am sure a lot of other people do here as well. or alternate weekly as i am doing right now because of prioritizations.

if you are weak in something do it first in the week.

Why don’t you try working your legs, hips etc. three days per week: One medium, one light and one heavy day?
Just a thought for some variation.

I want to put more into my legs but without sacrificing my upper body, it is about time for a change but I was looking to switch without losing my upper days. But I ahve been thinking about doing an Olifting cycle for a little bit( 6 weeks) so maybe I will throw in 3 legs days then and go with 3 days of full lifts, have to look into it more to fidn a good program. Thanks for the ideas keep em coming. BB