2 Ketogenic Diet Questions

  1. Has anyone here continued to use Creatine through a ketogenic diet phase? I can’t decide if it makes sense to continue my creatine supplementation while entering a ketogenic phase in my diet.

  2. Has anyone here managed to get into ketosis while using Surge PWO? I workout three days a week and Surge will be my only carbs on workout days…I was thinking that I may still manage to get into ketosis even with surge on workout days and 4 off days of strict no-carbs.

Just looking for some insight if anyone has any.


!. Well the creatine wont hurt. You wont experience your usual pumps but that will be due to the carb restriction. Go either route.

  1. Yes most likely it is going to knock you out of ketosis.

That said, ketosis is over rated. Your PWO nutrition is much more important, and it wont slow your progress and will actually help preserve you LBM which will keep your metabolism up. So unless you are doing some type of cycle diet that employs resticted carbs, and reloads like UD2, or something of the sort then keep the surge.

Hope that helps,


“M”- Just got your PM

Surge will take you out of Ket. asap you could try to measure how fast you go back in to with Keto sticks?

For a ketosis diet, try taking MCT oil with your pre-post workout protein. It could perhaps replace your surge…

what phill said. keto is overrated. pwo surge can help you maintain that lbm while dieting.

I agree what everyone else has said so far.With that being said how about looking up the info on the T-dawg 2.0…It is a diet that keeps you near ketosis,and allows for you to keep Surge for PWO.This diet has VERY favorable results on this forum.

If you experiment with ALA and maybe vanadyl sulphate with you post workout surge, these can keep you in ketosis or maybe get you back in quicker (use ketostix to track how it affects you). As mentioned dont sacrifice it, whatever.

Phil and P-Dog are right on. I’ve been through low-carb diets with and without Surge post workout. Your diet will work better with Surge to help retain LBM. Plus I just love the taste.

You don’t want to be in ketosis, even on low carb diets. Ketosis means you will use ketones for energy, therefore your fat will remain. You want to use your fat for energy and this is not possible when in ketosis. All you need is about 30g of carbs or so to keep you out of ketosis so this is not very hard to do.

uh, where do the ketones come from if you are eating hypocaloric?

loopfit, I agree with you that ketosis may not be the best route for fat loss. But as I understand it (from Dan Duchain)

no carbs gives rise to two major metabolic changes, insulin secretion reduced, in turn the pancreas produces glucagon. Glucogen has the effect of converting FATTY ACIDS INTO KETONES. when the ketones are at a high enough level, muscles use them instead of glucose. Ketones that are not used for energy are pissed out (you can use ketostix (piss stix) from chemists to check u in ketosis) or breathed out (hence the bad breath from low carb diets. So you are using ketones for energy, but these come from your fat stores??

  1. Sure, I’m using creatine now.

  2. NO, not unless you are doing a Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD). Basically this is a full time keto diet with carbs taken prior/during/right after working out. T Dawg 2.0 is pretty close to being a TKD.

loopfit, I’m sorry buddy, but you are way off. Frist of all, if you consume less then 100 gr. of carbs/day, you will be in ketosis. When in ketosis, you body does use fat for energy, along with the ketones. The longer you are in ketosis, the less your body uses the ketones. By your statemnet, someone couldn’t lose fat while in ketosis. However, ketogenic diets are one of the most effective ways to lose fat.