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2 Job Offers, Need Advice


So as I'm sure everyone is well aware, the job market ain't easy these days, which is why I'm pleased to have 2 jobs offers on the table. I'm super grateful for these opportunities, but it's a gift and a curse as I'm having a really difficult time deciding which one to take.

Job 1:
Working as a rep in a mutual fund call center. This job isn't glamorous by any means, but it's a good foot in the door with a good company and a great way to get some serious experience in the industry. Pay is $35,000 base salary with a 5% raise each year, in addition to performance based bonuses. Great benefits and a good amount of paid time off.

Hours are 11-8, which means I'll get to crush it in the gym any morning I wanted or sleep in. The office is the top floor of some of the best office space in the city (even though I'll be in a cubicle all day) and I've already lived really close to the location where I have a ton of friends and family.

Job 2:
Working as a business analyst for a business intelligence company. The job requires a good amount of travel to NY/NJ, California, and India (yes, India) which is cool, but it means I'll be away from my girlfriend for sometimes weeks at a time and could complicate our relationship.

Pay is $35,000 base salary, bonuses with every business trip, and the company has received multiple and consecutive awards for fastest growing company, etc. Some weeks I wouldn't need to come into the office as long as I had a cell phone signal and WiFi access. Although it wouldn't be all of the time, telecommuting would be awesome every once in a while.

Both jobs have pros and cons and would each require months of training and learning the industry before I even got put on assignments. But I'm having a hell of a time deciding and would appreciate any input or advice. Thanks.


I'd take job one and I@would negotiate higher starting pay. After all you have another offer for more money annd if they can match it you'd love to come work for them. wink

Your one and only chance to really negotiate for high pay is omn your way in the door. Do NOT accept their first offer.

Travelling to india sounds like the major suck.


Hallowed is right about negotiating, though do not negotiate yourself out of a job.

To me, I think Job 2 sounds better. I think the networking opportunities appear better there. But is being around friends and family is more important than go with Job 1.

Bear in mind upward movement either in that business or business sector. Which job will provide opportunities to get where you want to go.

But then, the idea of sitting at a desk all day having to man the phones would drive me nuts. I have had cubical jobs but I also took hourly walks and sun breaks. Kept my productivity up and management did not mind. I could not have done that if I was constantly on the phone.


Job #1:
Sit in a cubicle answering phone calls all day.
Be a peon whose job function is easily replaced by pretty much anyone else with minimum spin-up time.
Same old shit, even if you like it.
*Note: I may have the job function screwed up but if you are don't have a portfolio of clients who come to you for their financial advice this job looks shit.

Job #2:
Travel to exotic locales.
More interesting work.
More opportunity for advancement.
Work from home.
The space from your girlfriend will be a good thing if your relationship is solid.
Adventure and more freedom.


Something doesn't smell right about a job where you're traveling to India and only getting paid $35k base.


There are bonuses every time they make you travel. They were really cool addressing that issue of being away from home. I was told that they wouldn't make me leave my home for periods of time if it wasn't certain that it was financially viable to do so.


I'd think about what would look better on your resume in a couple of years when you'll be looking to change jobs to make more money. For example - outsourcing is (unfortunately) huge these days so having some experience dealing with folks form India is a major plus, etc.


Job 1 sounds safer
Job 2 might have a bigger upside

What's your gut telling you? What do you feel more comfortable doing? In 10 years which position will benefit you more?

The last thing you want is to accept a job then regret it later.

Good luck. It's a great problem to have.


My sentiments exactly, I'm definitely appreciating this dilemma of mine, albeit a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Honestly it's a tough call with what my guts telling me. I'm leaning toward Job 2 but it's literally the biggest decision I've faced my entire life. I think which ever decision I make I'll always regret it in some way. It's just a tough call deciding which direction I want to take my life.


Also, from experience when you are close to home for some reason one does not put in the Max Effort at work. When you are away from home it seems as though one puts in more effort into work. Also this is just a girlfriend and not your fiance or wife. I have learned not to base decisions on a woman, though she might be awesome. Base it on your gut, if I was in your shoes, I would choose door #2.
Lika someone stated its a great problem to have and lets pretend you did not have a GF, I am pretty sure sure #2 would be a lock in your book.


Maybe I am not understanding you, why would it not be financially viable for you to travel? The company is picking up your expenses and paying your salary while you are on the trip, right?


The second one sounds amazing. After having worked a year and a half on a phone job, I can tell you almost no amount of money would make me happy in such an environment.

Guess it also depends on your age too though. I'm, 22 and a chance to be paid to travel would be boss.


Sorry I'll try and clarify. All travel expenses (hotel, plane tickets, etc.) would be taken care of. Travel less than 2 weeks it's $15/hour while I'd be on assignments (so if it's a 9-5 in San Francisco it's an extra $600/week before taxes). Travel more than 2 weeks is a bonus, depending on the assignment, that is considerably more generous.



I'm not reading the other replies because I don't have time. You don't say what your short or long terms goals are. I'm figuring you're young since you have mentioned the ability to go to the gym in the morning as a consideration for job 1. Unless working out is your job, we all work our social lives and interests around our occupations. The issues you raise tells me this is not an issue of career. Which tells me this is no dilemma at all, you just don't know which of two relatively comparable jobs to accept.

You do not state an interest, passion, short or long term goals. They both pay similar. You do not have a dilemma. You have an "abundance" when it comes to the choice...this is not a dilemma. Choose one and move on.


As far as staying close to home its important to me because of my training I could not train how I want travelling to india.

I agree girlfriend not the same as fiance/wife.


Take job #2


Job #2

Those mutual fund places a lot of them will just have you cold calling people.

They end up just hiring a ton of young people and have their family and friends commit then the kids quit cause the job is absolute shit.

Not saying this is the case for this particular company but might want to get a legit job description.

Job #2 sounds pretty sweet and telecommunications seems like a good field to get into but who knows.

Traveling does get old but it just seems like you'd be in a better position for your next career move if you took job #2


If you did not have a girlfriend, I am 99 % sure you would choose #2. I would bet money on it.


This is actually the best advice I've received, thank you.

I mention fitting the gym into my schedule because I was planning on competing in my first show at the end of the year. This is certainly disposable, but since I've dedicated so much time to it, especially as of recent, having a work schedule that accommodates that part of my lifestyle is important. But it's absolutely secondary when compared to a career.

Regarding interest, passions, and goals, my gift and curse is that I have lots of them. I've never had a specific job title I've aspired to some day have, or a specific company I have my heart set on working for. I've been open to opportunities that have presented themselves and tend to allow my life to happen organically, and although I have some specifics and structure, I'm always willing to deviate from the path I'm on when I feel it's appropriate.

Thanks for the honesty, it's provided some clarity.