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2 J-Cups or 4 J-Cups on Power Rack?

Wondering whats the most practical setup for Power Racks when doing bench press and squats?

I have a Rogue R-4 rack with 2 j-cups I use for setting up my squat height. When itâ??s time to bench, I have to move my 2 j-cups down for bench press ops. Are there any tips I need schooled on when using a power rack for bench and squat? Or should I just buy another set of j-cups and move the bar form one side of the rack to the other (where I have my flat bench on standby)?

I also have a set of Pin/Pipes and a set of Strap Hangers (10k lb nylon straps). I have the Strap Hangers in place to save my bar if ever required vs impacting with the Pipes. I was told by another to setup the unused Pipes as an extra j-cup solution- but after thinking into that for 2 seconds I had to shred their man card.

Am I missing something? Changing the j-cups from “squat” position to “bench” position is a very quick and easy maneuver, isn’t it? I only have two j-cups in my rack, and I have never had an issue. In fact, we switch the position of the cups very often, as my son and I both use the rack and need different heights for squat and bench.

True. When doing just one exercise- finishing all my lifts, then resetting for another exercise. No big deal.

However, In the case of just completing an exercise and not wanting to deal with longer-than-needed rest periods to reset the rig. Or, when I’m doing a circuit between squat, lift, press, pull, swing -repeat. I’m getting pissed having to think about a safe place to set the bar inside the rack, then what hole to throw the j-cup into, reset the bar- then do what weight change i need to… when I could be using my efforts elsewhere. A longer-than-needed rest period doesn’t go when I do circuit:interval lifts.

Having two sets of J cups is great for those times you are squatting with your girl or someone shorter than you or taller if you are a short guy. You would otherwise have to half squat the weight out of the rack if you go with the cups for her or she won’t be able to use them. Another benefit is if you do circuits. You can overhead press with one set and one bar, then rock curls with another bar and the other j cups. Yet another option is set both sets of j cups inwards so you can do dips off of two bars. All kinds of options for what $50?

Are they necessary? NO but nice to have.

Edit, so I assume you would bolt the rack to the floor? If not you’ll need something to weigh the rack down if you chose to do lifts against bands otherwise the rack will lift off the ground. You can weigh the rack down using the spare J cups and loaded up dumbbells.

Nice. Having a girl train with is a total possibility and damit I shale be prepared for such times. Also having two sets for circuits is good. Thanks for the input, just wondering what others are doing or if I’m missing anything. As far as securing the rack to the floor, I cant bolt it down just yet being in a rental- but I have my plates attached to the rack verticals. So until I put on the mass im seeking- honestly, the plates will help keep the rack stable. for now.

Both of my racks have extensions on the safety bars which can serve as a second set of J hooks and while not absolutely necessary they are nice to have and save time setting up between movements. Below is an example of what I’m referring to.