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2 Injections Done. Pain/Lump

Hi started a low dose first cycle last week. 300mg split in half. I have test e 300mg per ml so half a mil at a time.

First shot got quite a lot of post inject pain felt a bit lumpy for a few days and sore to sit on. Didn’t sleep well first few nights felt a bit off but nothing major.

By next injection most of the pain has subsided.

Second injection I did a lot quicker as thought I knew what I was doing. Again painful that night and didn’t sleep well. That was Thursday. Still in a lot of pain today and fells like a big knot in muscle. Not warm or feverish just lumpy and sore.

Any ideas? I don’t thinks it infected. Newbie soreness or allergic reaction perhaps?


That’s a pretty high concentration. Could definitely be that.

What pins are you using and where are you injecting?

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Injection into glutes with 1 1/4 inch needle.