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2 Inches In 4 Weeks(?)


Yeah, it was an article posted in muscle and fitness magazine a while ago. it was only two pages, i'll let you read it for yourselves. tell me if you think it sounds legit or not, or just create general discussion about it.

page 1:

page 2:


Ahhhh, it could work. You could get 2 inches other ways, but what the hell. I would try the ARM-CHALLENGE here on T-Nation, they're giving away free hats. C'mon...it's a free hat!


That isn't possible, unless you are some sort of genetic freak.


but he's asking you to just trust him!


Its hitting their target market of 14-18 year olds who have never trained, so i guess, yes, its possible for someone new. Then again, going from 12-14 inch arms isnt that big of a deal.


It would be for thh little 14 year-old that achieves it. I still have a very hard time that anyone could add an inch to their arms in 1 week no matter how underdevloped they are starting out. But, hey-anything's possible.


I remember reading once that the diff in a 12 and a 14 inch arm is a huge % difference in your bicep mass. I have forgotten the exact figures though.


Some simple math oughta do the trick bud. I get 17% increase.


You'd be right if it were linear, but it's a volume and therefore with the square of diameter.

On the order of 36% increase - ignoring the fixed factors that actually make it a larger percentage.