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2 Inch Axle, $100 Shipped


Anyone looking for a great deal on a 2" fatbar? I'm a welder, I've made duplicates of many of my specialty bars. This one is new, hollow steel pipe, smooth, inner collars are welded on, 7' long, weighs 20lbs empty, and it will hold more weight than you can ever lift on it. $100 shipped to any of the lower 48 states. I can do PayPal. PM me your email and I'll send you pics.

Thickbars are good for easing elbow tendinitis and building grip strength.


Another pic.


Do you still have this? Also 2" is to big to fit Olympic weights on, correct?


Olympic plates will work on this bar, a regular Olympic barbell has a 2" sleeve.


Yes I still have it. Thanks! Check out Silverback Strength Equipment on Facebook.


Ok, thanks!


let me talk to the owner at my gym, if they are cool with me leaving the bar there (which im sure they would be) I will probably be ordering one from you.


Review of the fatbar by pro strongman Vincent Urbank: " I have the Silverback Fatbar and its a great piece of gear. It is priced well, sturdy, and easy to use. Great tool for changing it up on the lifts and working on grip. It will definitely see alot of use in my preparation for America's Strongest Man!"