2 Hour+ Workouts

Hey…basically i train with a group of really serious kids. One of the guys is Glenn hes like 26 years old…hes really big…and he is putting us thru this new training which is basically arnolds workout. The workouts take like 2+ hours a day.

I’m 18 years old…Why is it a problem to train longer than an hour at a time? Because i want to do this training with the rest of the guys…ive just heard that one should keep their workouts from 45mins to an hour max. At 18 is my test high enough to benefit from these long training sessions?

Two lines of thinking on this one:

1 - As per a recent Cool Tips from Charles Staley: “I prefer whole-body workouts, training 3-4 days per week. But, even with whole body plans, each workout should still be slightly upper or lower-body dominant. Also, if you go three times a week, don’t be afraid of long workouts: 90 to 120 minutes is fine, particularly if you’re taking longer rests from big movements like squats and pulls.”

It’s important to note, though, that he’s talking about full body workouts. A 2-hour workout dedicated to chest and abs hasn’t been the “in” thing to do since 1980-something.

2 - It’s generally agreed on that Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and a host of other homrmonal goodies are maximized when resistance training is kept to 60-75 minutes, tops. So, ideally, I’d shoot to keep things closer to an hour or so. That can be hard to do sometimes, especially if you’re lifting in a group.

[quote]facko wrote:
At 18 is my test high enough to benefit from these long training sessions?[/quote]
At 18, you could probably benefit from just poking a weight plate with a stick. But, there are better ways than that. For now, I’d say that anything that has you lifting consistently is good. We can find a better way after you’ve established some kind of base.

OK, if this guide of yours is seriously going to put you through Arnold’s workouts, then he needs to reconsider and find something else for you guys. You’ll be overtraing the first day. However, if you’re on the magical water, then you’ll be good to go.

Lol…so if im on the magical water ill be good to go…but everytime i post about taking the magical water at 18…i get flamed. Which is it?

I do not see how training for two hours once in a while could be bad for you. It may be a waste of time but as long as you don?t over train I see nothing wrong with it.

eat a truck load of food. eat during the session, or drink calories have a blast dont friggin sweat it so much. You wont be doing this forever and a short few weeks of it will probably kick your ass and do you some good. If not youll then know it.

and yes stay off the AAS, your friggin 18.

Hpe that helps,