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2 Hip Total Replacements, Sciatic Nerve Pain


My father had a car accident 15 years ago. He broke his ferum,his hip and dislocated the other hip. The dislocated hip remained dislocated 24 hours. At that time, they only replaced the broken one. The other was put back into position without surgery. A couple weeks ago, he replaced and the dislocated hip, due to extreme pain because no cartilage had remained whatsoever. Now, the problem is this: Since the dilocation, he has extreme numbness and pain on his perineum and foot. He can't totally dorsiflex his foot and his calve has extreme atrophy compared to other one. From research I found out that his sciatic nerve was damaged back then and created this problem.

Anyone knows how to somewhat fix this? Pressure everywhere below the knee decreases significantly the numbness and the pain. Also, ice helps a lot. Anything else to relieve pain? Any medication? I wrapped his leg below the knee with my knee wraps, which help tremendously with the numbness and pain, but was too tight for him to sleep comfortably. Thank you in advance.