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2 half-cheat-day = 1 cheat day?

I’ve read the last “Appetite for construction” and I wanted to share my solution to the (in)famous problem of the “Cheat day”.
In just one line, carbos make me fat. When I diet, I switch to very-high-protein, high-fat ratio (and I leave carbos for the post-WO shake). This is how it worked for me in the last six years. I make a short period of diet in December (two-three weeks), then I start to diet at the beginning of May. I don’t become so much fat during the rest of the year, so after a few weeks (by the end of May) I’m in my top condition and I stay lean till the end of September (yeas, I diet for 5 months in a row). Basically, I’m on a kind of Berardi’s diet for six months in the year, and on a stricter diet for the other half.
What I noticed is that at the beginning of my diet (May), it seems that the cheat day makes me fall back in a slower methabolism, and gives me back junk-food-craves. Basically,
I don’t have a cheat day for the first three weeks, thus I happen to enter into my “zone”, where everything is burned and not stored in fat, no matter what. I must add that when I begin my diet I also throw in all I’ve found and collected all year long (T2-Pro and MD6, not easy to obtain in Europe, Winstrol depot, 4 or 5 Sustanon 250, Clomid, topical gels etc…).

A few years ago, when “modern diet” came at the surface, the very first time I was trying to have a cheat day (usually Sunday) I always ended up tired, lethargic, with blowing belly. I then decided to try a different path, so simple. I have a single cheat meal around mid-week. Well, the truth is that it is always Thursday (I wanted to hide that I plan carefully a bit of normal life, but I use to match my social evenings with my meals…) I have a meal around 6 pm, then I don’t eat so much for dinner. Perhaps a fruit, but most of the time I don’t even eat at all and I simply drink coke or coffee or Red-Bull or something. So, flat belly, so wake, brilliant…
Then, when I’m back home, it is time for re-feed: I usually eat a base of good protein, than something tasteful like chocolate. I don’t know if it’s the inner volume of food, or if it’s the caloric power of such an amount of food, or even the coffee, but I happen to go to bed with abdominals covered by veins!!
The same thing is repeated on Sunday, thus leaving me every day of the week almost in a “good attitude”. One full day just doesn’t work for me.
I just wanted to share my idea. Perhaps somebody else hasn’t yet found a good balance between cheating or not: this might be a good way to go for it.
Ciao, Mrz.