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2 Grams of Protein/Pound?


I have heard the common answer, 2 grams of protein to every pound. Well I weigh 245 lbs. That computes to 490 grams of protein a day. My question is, How the hell am i suppose to ingest 245 grams of protein a day, is that even healthy to take in that much protein.

Right now i drink 3 protein shakes a day that have 32 grams each. Then I eat about 7 hard boil egg whites for my protein. Thats roughly 140 grams right there not including what i eat throught the day as well. Thats no where close to 490 which is recommended for getting bigger. Im sure some of you guys out there weigh as much as me, Do you all really eat 490, if you do how do you do it? I drink a rediculous amount of water so flushing my system isnt a problem.




What is your bf?


14% currently


Maybe OP should start eating meat? I hear that's pretty full of protein, and tasty too.


eat the whole egg.


eating that much protein isnt gonna hurt ya! i weigh 134 and i eat between 225-275g a day! Eat more meat with every meal, find ya a weight gainer shake and drink 3 of those a day at 50-60g per shake. how much do u weigh? and what are you trying to do is the major question? build muscle, cut fat, ???



I just ate about 90-100gr in eggs. I do not agree that everyone needs 2gr per pounds of body weight. I have found that my daily food intake can match 1gr per pound without any protein supplements and at times that is enough.

If you are truly having that much trouble understanding how to get over 200gr of protein down in a day, then I question how you look right now at that "245lbs".

Someone weighing that much should be familiar with eating.


There's no real need to get to 2g of protein /lb unless you're on AAS or are very advanced.


For most, this may be true within the context of gaining. When dieting, some may need up to that much to retain muscle mass. The bottom line is, there is no defined amount that all people should be eating. There are logical ranges, however.


For Corchic: My goals are you to build muscle, im not to concerned with fat atm.
Professor X: I'm 6 foot 8, so to answer how do i look, skinny would be the answer. How can you eat 100 grams of protein in eggs, its 7 grams per raw egg. Do you eat 15 eggs a day? thats more then a carton a day lol.


I believe you should be fine with 275-300


I think he does 10 whole eggs for breakfast and then a few egg whites IIRC


Jumbo eggs are 9gr per egg and I eat at least 10 a day during the week.

Someone your size should be getting your body weight in protein without even trying if the goal is to gain. Clearly your concept of food intake is the problem here and not just "protein".


Hard to get 245g of protein a day? Come on man, my fiance only weighs 100-110lb (I don't dare ask the exact weight) and she consumes more than 150-200g per day just because she's also eating what I eat.


When I was up to around 450g odd per day, my diet looked like this:

1kg Ground beef, 400g Red Kidney beans, ~220g protein
6 Eggs, ~35g protein
1 50g protein shake, ~50g protein
PWO - 500g Fish in breadcrumbs with a bowl of vegetables, ~80g protein
650g Cottage cheese, ~70g protein

Not that difficult.


Thanks RSGZ thats the kinda post i needed so i can get an idea.


Sup guys its been about 3 weeks since i started eating alot more protein, Im noticing much better gains now then i have in the past. my diet is roughly this.

8am- 7 Eggs with Cheese
10am- 50 gram protein shake
12am- quessadilla with ham/cheese
2pm- protein bar
5pm- 50 gram protein shake and bowl of pasta
6-8pm- working out
830pm- Amino acids and Protein shake
900 pm- essentially just another meal, usually just what im feeling :slight_smile:


That doesn't look like much food at all, especially for someone who claims to be your size. There are almost no sources of carbs except for some pasta, which should definitely not be your main source of carbs. The placing of the pasta, if you should decide to use it, is a good place where you put it though because it's right before working out and will be used immediately, so at least you did a good job on that. My opinion is add in more carbs and fats. Also, add one more meal after 9 pm. This should be right before you go to bed. I'd prefer micellar casein and some fats.


Eat more meat.

If you want to track your protein intake from meat, it's generally 6g of protein per 1 oz.