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2% Gel: 10mg or 20mg/Day to Increase T Levels?

First of all hello, I’m new here,

I have a question that bugs my mind for a long period of time. I’m 25 years old and have been bodybuilding for 6 years. I kinda feel that i reached near-plateau and i’m tired and depressed all the time. I can feel that my t levels have been dropping as i gained 10 kgs in 2 years.

I know that a young healthy male secretes about 10 mg a day. And i know that only %10 of gels is absorbed. I want to increase my t secretion 2 mgs more and i dont want needle injections. Is the gel a valid way to do it? Will my system stop producing testosterone in the long run? (lets say 1 year of daily 20 mg gel or even 10mg)

Thank you for the responses in advance, have a wonderful day!

Before self administering TRT you should pull labs. TT, FT, SHBG, E2, FSH and LH. Gel is not the optimal route, don’t be scared of needles.

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The increase you are talking about won’t even be noticeable.

And as blshaw said get your labs drawn you thinking your T is low because your tired and not gaining as much is pure speculation. That can be caused by literally hundreds of things. It sounds more like your just trying to justify using something to raise your testosterone.

Which is fine but if your gonna do it do it right but unfortunately for you that’s going to require a needle.

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I will still interfere with the feedback loop and shut you down. Doesnt matter what form of TRT you use. Shutdown. So do it right with injectables


even a %15-20 percent increase?.. well that is saddening.

As everyone stated above, regardless of circumstances if you insist on supplementing testosterone all you’re doing with transdermal gel is wasting your money. *Stop it.

At your age testosterone should not be dwindling yet. Regardless, whether it is or isn’t you cannot possibly know without blood tests. Also, depression is very, very serious so don’t leave this issue to assumption either. *Go to a doctor.

As far as your current plan goes, I have no personal experience with T-gel but have two friends who were prescribed it before they were offered the injectable form. After a few months of feeling absolutely nothing from the transdermal form they switched over to the real thing. There is no substitute for injectable testosterone and I mean that as a general statement!

In all seriousness dude if you’re not just looking for a reason to supplement, go see a doctor. Depression and low testosterone go hand in hand and neither is a laughing matter. Good luck with everything.

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Any increase. In fact all you will do is lower your test. You could apply a small amount of fall with a natural level of 500 and within a week be walking around with a whopping 100 or lower

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