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2 Full Body Sessions Per Week

Workout review for 2 sessions per week:

Squat (80%x5, 90%x1, 92%x1, 60%x15-20)
Bench (same as squats)
RDL 3x6-8 reps
(chin, calf) 1-4 supersets

Trapbar Deadlift (same as squats)
Floor Press or Incline? (same as squats)
(dip, lunge, curl, calf) 1-3 giant sets

*60 minute maximum length sessions.

Is it a bad idea to superset bench and RDL. Or RDL, chin and calf better??

Also, I took the loading pattern based on the article about busy man barbell training in thibarmy


I see no problem with the exercise combinations, especially for 2 workouts per week. Athletes I train with routinely do a squat, a press and a deadift/hip hinge 3 days a week. It takes them about 2 weeks to get used to that and then they progress super fast.

I also don’t hate the sets/reps selection. I’m NOT a big fan of sets of 15-20 on squat and deadlift variations though. I would personally limit those to 10 reps. In most people, form will start the breakdown at around rep 12. YES in the past I have programmed sets of high reps on those big lifts, and it can work don’t get me wrong. But I try to stay away from that as much as possible now.

And why do singles? Unless you are a competitive lifter it is likely better to stay at 3 reps if you want to “build” strength. Sets of 1 are mostly to learn to demonstrate strength.

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Thanks for the input. I like the approach on working the 4-8 range for a top set. Then, back off with a 8-12 rep set for the 2 main movements per day. The rest of the exercises will depend on time and/or energy, but mainly going for a top set of 8-12 after 1-2 prep sets.