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2 Forms of Test E


What's up guys, I'm going onto week 6 of Test E at 400mg/ml. I have enough left for another 2 weeks after that (8 weeks total). I also have another Test E vial at 250mg/ml, made by a different company, and was wondering if anyone has mixed two types of Test E? I would really love to run 10-12 weeks, but concerned with mixing the two. Anybody's opinion or personal experience would be great.




There should be no concern mixing the two brands. Adjust your dosages and continue.

As an aside, Test E can't be dissolved at 400mg/ml without being exorbitantly painful, did it hurt?



Aside from my 1st pin in my glute, that was the only real pain I've experienced. And as for going in, its actually not painful at all, I've had a little bit of stinging, but nothing too severe. I was going to buy Test400 initially, but read so many post about the unbearable pain that I'm glad I didn't now lol

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