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2 Final Questions, Please Answer

First Cycle imminent;

Week 1-10 (20 doses) Sustanon 250mg Twice Weekly
Week 1-10 (20 doses) Trenbolone Enanthate 100mg Twice Weekly
Week 1-11 (20 doses) HCG 250iu Twice Weekly
Week 1-12 (24 doses) Arimidex 0.5mg Twice Weekly
Week 1-12 (24 doses) Cabergoline 0.5mg Twice Weekly
Week 13-16 (28 doses) Nolvadex 40\30\20\10 mg per day
Week 13-15 (21 doses) Clomid 100\50\50 mg per day

Question 1 Is there going to be an issue with any of the Twice Weeklies? I was going to do E3D but twice weekly is so much easier to manage with set days.

Question 2 Are these doses too mild? I didn’t want to go all out on my first cycle but still want to get good gains.

Looks fine to me, arimidex dose may be a little low, most people begin with .5mg e0d and adjust from there, which is about 3.5mg/wk whereas you are set at 1mg/wk.

Also you should be able to see some results from this for sure, but since you have HCG and caber I think that is plenty enough precaution to bump your tren dose up to 300-500/wk. However it is a long ester tren, so it will take time to clear if you have to stop due to sides, but with all that you got I think you will be ok. My first cycle was around 500mg test and 400 mg tren weekly w/o tren or caber and I didnt die.

You have been posting around awhile, I commend your patience you really seem to have taken your time with this one, good luck.

Cheers c.m.l ye I made the mistake of an oral only cycle when I was in my early twenties and all I really got from it was a waste of a years training and some killed motivation so determined to get this one right as my first real cycle.

So your first cycle was 500mg test e/a ? and Tren a/e ? What sides did you get and what gains did you make etc?

The Caber and Adex tablets I am getting are 1mg ones do you think I should just take a whole one twice a week rather than halves? Do you happen to know the half life of them?

Thanks again for the advice

I believe they both are around the same, caber being a little longer. About 3 days for adex and 4 days for caber. That’s just off the top of my head though.

Thanks mate that’s what I came up with as well so I am going to stick with the 0.5mg twice per week makes it easy to dose on fixed days and seems like high enough weekly dose of both, thanks for confirming always nice to hear someone else confirm what you are reading in to it as.