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2 Failed Post Cycles, Drs Were No Help


hey guys
here is some background on myself, I need some advice if possible.
23 years old, 6ft,endomorph body type, 235pounds, 17% BF currently, lifting for 9 years. two cycles completed. first went very well. second has had issues. I have blood work results following my PCT of my second cycle.

Nov 2012: started 10 week cycle of 600test and 500tren, in 7th week of cycle had ED and very upset/moody, lost all sex drive completely, ended cycle right away

Jan 2013: did proper PCT. 10 000iu HCG(1000iu EoD) nolva 20mg clomid 50mg. recovery only lasted for about 2-3 weeks and then was at same stage as before

6months off everything

July 2013: re did PCT, another 10 000iu HCG nolva clomid
finished that and was ok with sex drive on and off for a few weeks, then it was gone again, and since then I have had little to no luck with erections and no libido. sex is more of a stressor than a stress relief currently.

the blood work results are as follows:
total test:7 pref range: 8-29

bio available test:1.5 pref range: 3-9

SHBG:26 pref range:13-70
LH:2 pref range:1.5-9
FSH:3 pref range:1.5-18
Prolactin:12.5 pref range:2-17
Estradoil:70 pref range: 50-200

I went to my family doctor, he said he has no experience with these issues so he sent me off to the endo in the city, after looking at my bloodwork he said, "you most likely will never have kids, you need TRT for life, start at 200/week and see how you feel, try 300 if you desire too" and sent me home.

I am really trying to get away from TRT due to my young age, I would like to recover and have a sex drive again, I literally forget what it feels like to want to have sex or enjoy it.

after two PCTs and still not returning to normal I am not sure where to go from here, thanks in advance guys.


have you run any caber or any other dopamine agonist? Did you run it on cycle?

What happens if you squeeze your nipple, hard?


this might be a better question for the TRT guys, as they have to juggle bloodwork a bit more than folks over here...

anyway, your free and total test is too low, and everything else is technically in range, right?

i think the HCG might have partially been the cause of this...


IMO, HCG should only be used in a really specific manner, and almost always with an AI.

you might want to look into something like Aromasin.... it's been shown to raise free/total test, lower E and SHBG.




lol, trust me, I didn't ask because I'm a pervert.

I am a pervert, but that's not why I asked...


Oh no, i agree with trying dopamine agonists. It was supposed to be a multiplication sign followed by 2. I guess the formatting came out wrong lol.


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But at least now we know....


if your referring to gyno, no there is no issue there.
and no dopeamine agonist where ran at all. Just Adex during cycle, and then the hcg,clomid,nolva for post.

bump, anyone have any other thoughts? Just want to jump start my nuts again, not sure what Im doing wrong


this is why steroids shouldn't be cycled..

looks like you rolled the dice and may have come up short Op..

being on forever is not such a bad thing though... it just means more muscle and less fat.. and a very strong sex drive

don't worry about the infertility comment from your doc, that's nonsense


Running hcg during pct is counter productive isn't it?


In this case he was attempting a typical hpta restart.

If caber as a last resort doesn't work, then Walkway's right. But 300mg/week for trt sounds fucking awesome to me.


The way I read it, he says he used hcg for his first pct on his second cycle. I don't understand how this helps hcg is suppressive?


ive got a separate question, ive got some sus , doing 2 separate glute injections a week so all up 500mg of sus a week is this enough ??
and also the vile has a label that has a tiger hologram on it and writing saying black and gold has anyone seen this before?


Start a new thread buddy.


Triptorelin. 'Nuff said.


good point.

do you any truth to the rumor that this should only be used once or twice a year?


I know now that HCG during pct is counter productive and should be done during cycle.

and I was under the impression that with TRT, while it will boost your test up, its not guaranteed to provide sex drive/libido with it. is that correct?

thanks for the help guys


Why are you asking this question when you used such large amounts of HCG?

An aggressive PCT or using a HPTA Restart Protocol would look something like:

HCG @2000iu EOD for 8 shots or until balls regain function
with nolva@20mg ED

Followed by:

Clomid 100/100/100/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20/20

What did you actually do?


start a new thread jakass