2 doses of M

Just received 3 bottles of “M” through the mail.
Having turned 40 a couple of months back…well, all
I can say is that the “E- Monster” has got a strangle
hold on my nutsack!!! (Sex drive is WAY down over
the last 3 years.)

Question: Would it reasonable, or as Mufasa says
“optimal,” to take 2 doses of “M” the first week (12
hrs. apart)? I really want to release the “E-
Monster’s” grip QUICKLY!!! Bill…Cy…Chris…any

I don’t know. Sex drive in relation to hormonal levels (androgens and estrogens) can be a tricky subject. It’s not necessarily, raise testosterone as high as possible and estrogen to negligible levels. There’s somewhat of a fine balance if all you’re looking for is an increase in sex drive. However, since the majority of the ingredients seem to be anti-estrogenic and don’t actually decrease the amount of estrogen present (or perhaps slightly) then I suppose you could go with the double dosage. However, if it were me, I’d start off with one dosage, see how things go, and if that isn’t “doing the job” so to speak, then you can raise the dosage.

Instead of a double dose of M, I would try to stack M with Tribex. That way you can increase T production and minimize E production.

Cy: Thanks for your explanation; will follow your
advice for the most part. I will take an extra dose
today, then take as directed for the next 2 weeks
and see how it goes. (will keep you posted)

Jason: Have been on Tribex for quite some time,
(eight 3 week cycles) and need to get off it for
a while; it’s starting to lose it’s effectiveness
big time. I will stack “M” with Tribex starting next

Joey, you may want to investigate lowering cortisol, lowering the T:C ratio can have profound effects.