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2 Diet Questions

  1. How can I make leaf spinich taste good? I have gotten use to all other fruits and veggies but can barley stomach spinich. I usually eat it with chopped up chicken.

  2. V8 juice. yay or nah? has sugar carbs and alot of cals but has "all the veggies you need in a day". The 10 habits says no to drinkes with cals so I have been following that, however I woke up this morning and theres like 3 or 4 bottles of V8 splash in the fridge. should I avoid it?



1 I like leaf spinach when i cook it in a black iron skillet or really any skillet and put a little salt over it maybe throw in some mushrooms. Always put a little EVOO on the pan and you can add any kind of spice and seasoning and let it cook down until its concentrated to about 1/4 of its size.

2 Im not too sure about v8 though but i think the sugars are natural, from tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables (tomatoes are a fruit by the way), its got a lot of K, Vitamin C and A so it doesnt look like its going to kill you... Now the splash is higher in carbs and sugar so they probably added some form of sugar to make it sweeter but I'm not expert on v8.


I think splash is more citrus less vegetable, though thats going from a long ago memory when i had one. If thats the case, it could be more sugar just from the citrus fruits, I think V8 are sposed to be like 100% juice or something. Anyway, I say go for it. Just not like 5 a day or something.


Thanks I will try cooking the spinich like that after my work out.

I think I will pass on the V8 for now.


Melted cheese makes anything taste amazing.


yeah go ahead put melted cheese on it, while your at it eat another twinky fat boy


What about the shread cheese that has 6g protein and 1g carbs? is that ok on it?


I prefer to get a skillet really hot, throw some spinach in for a about 30 seconds, add some olive oil, cook for about 2 minutes, add some ground Parmesan cheese, and then take it off the heat.

If I have the time & ingredients, I'll add chopped garlic, mushrooms, and/or scallions.


Nothing wrong with cheese as long as:

1) It fits within your calorie total
2) You're not lactose intolerant
3) Your total intake of saturated fats is within reasonable limits

Even Jamie Eason eats cheese. (in moderation) This doesn't mean you should eat half a brick of cheddar in the morning, but a 1/4 cup here and there isn't going to hurt anything.


you said you like other vegatables are any of them greens? If so just mix a little spinach, not enough to ruin the taste of the vegatable you like. Plus if their are other greens you like you can substitute them.


I like spinach raw. I use it to make salads. I get the baby spinach leaves and make half the salad base with it and the other half with red leaf or butter lettuce. Then I add all the other veggies that go in. I find that this tastes really good, and doesn't smell the way cooked spinich does, which is a big turn off.

When I make a spaghetti, I will take some of the sauce and put it on a small bed of fresh spinach and sprinkle it with parmesean cheese. That is really good and they complement each other nicely. You won't even think you're eating spinach.

Also use spinach on sandwiches instead of lettuce. It's good that way too.


I have put spinich with brocoli and it helps a bit. I would like a little variety but just cant get use to the taste haha


Ground lean beef
Chopped up spinach

  • Spray wok with non-stick stuff
  • put in beef and stir-fry until almost done
  • put in a tablespoon of soya sauce (salt or broth if you are paranoid) and a tablespoon of oyster sauce
  • throw in the spinach and keep stir frying until it releases some water


you can also add more stuff if you want, e.g. onions, carrots, walnuts, cilantro, red curry paste... but just with the beef + spinach it's good


Bacon does a good job too!


Melted cheese like Velveeta will give you Alzheimer's. Real cheese is okay though. It sounds good but fattening.

I like to put a little tomato sauce on cooked/frozen spinach. I like fresh tomatoes on fresh spinach.

Hard boiled egg slices on fresh spinach with mustard dressing and onions? Tuna? Tuna with melted cheese?