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2 Decades of Body Abuse Followed by 6 Months of Fitness

This is my last post for the day, I think. Chest ain’t going to train itself hehe.

Since there is a whole section devoted to rating physiques, I thought why the hell not. I like to think that I handle negative feedback well. According to Arnold, it’s the most useful kind of feedback. And who’s best to get it from than from a bunch of strangers who are far more knowledgeable on the subject than I am?

Any feedback would be appreciated, especially reasonable criticism. I’m thinking not lean enough: stomach area should be flattened, those love handles replaced with hard oblique muscles. Obviously bigger arms.

These photos were taken a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve fixed the shoulder to waist ratio and put on ~15 pounds of muscle. I’m prone to acne so with no tanning it’s gotten to the point that I’m not comfortable taking photos shirtless. Expecting Accutane to arrive so will be ok soon.

not lean enough for… what? If you’ve already accumulated as much muscle as you want, then I guess getting leaner is a viable option. But if getting bigger factors into your long term goals, I’d be done dieting for now. Getting any leaner than this really will make it harder to pack on muscle.

You look good man, just not that big. Without knowing you personally or what you want to look like, it’s hard to advise any more than this. If you have a goal physique, maybe share that and we can help you decide what needs to be done to achieve that.


Here are some before pics. The one on the left taken six months prior to the pics above. I wouldn’t take my shirt off under any circumstances due to open sores all over my body(because meth). Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see that shit anyway… And the pic on the right is ~2 months into training and sobriety.

I do have a goal physique, and I’ve gotten hate for just mentioning his name on another forum. Regardless of what anyone thinks of that coked-up Aussie, he looked awesome. And he inspired probably millions to get into fitness. I strongly believe his net effect on the World was positive and he deserves no hate.

Anyway, call me stupid or whatever, but that is what I aspire to. If genetic factors allow me I’ll achieve that because I’m willing to do whatever.

Obviously I can never grow 2 inches taller to match his height. On reddit I was told that my shoulder to waist ratio is not close to golden ratio so I can never look like him no matter what I inject or eat. But I fixed that with heavy deltoid training. I’ve improved my chest too.

I think I should grow arms(I think his were 20 inch), develop lats, then get proper cut up with high dose trenbolone, clenbuterol plus masteron. I’d like to avoid DNP, but will go there if need be.

Why not just work on improving your physique through hard training and proper diet? There is absolutely no need to toss in AAS for several years at least. If you do, you’re already tossing in your wild card and you’ll never reach your genetic potential. Train and eat proper for a long time before introducing any PEDs. And for the love of god, don’t use DNP, unless you like cooking yourself from the inside out.

Also, if you were previously addicted to drugs, meth especially, you should DEFINITELY stay away from AAS.

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that’s not a bad goal to have. Plenty of people would kill to have a physique like that. I can give advice based on that.

First: Don’t use pictures like the ones in your first post to gauge where you are at. Don’t use flattering angles or lighting. The more honest you are with yourself, the better off you’ll be. For my progress pictures, I use the same mirror, same light, same neutral poses every single time. Changing angles, looking for the best lighting, etc is just going to be misleading. I can’t actually gauge your proportions well from the first 2 pictures. The last pic you posted in just the pants is the closest thing you have to appropriate, but you should at least put one hand down. I’ll leave a picture on here of what I mean at the end of this post.

Second: Zyzz didn’t have 20" arms. Noooooo way in hell, unless he was like 6’4.

Third: A lot is really going to depend on genetics. How your muscles grow/shape, your bone structure, all of that is out of your control.

So yea. post some better pictures and we can go from there in terms of addressing specific needs. Right now, the answer is probably just ‘work on everything’. You want to build up the majority of the muscle you plan to gain to start with, and THEN you start working on details/weak points that may arise. And at the end of all that, you cut to the bodyweight you intend to maintain longterm.

So something like this: you can see pretty much everything straight on, no weird angles, reasonable lighting.

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I could be completely wrong but due to your fairly recent and very long period of extreme drug abuse, using steroids may not be a good idea. Another poster said that as well.

You look good. You can always improve but I’m sure most women would be into your body and you’re “lucky” to not have any fat to lose, just muscle to gain. Rather than two tasks you’ve just got one.

I’d say get healthy. Your organs are probably fucked up. Spend some time figuring out a diet that you can afford and stick to, and that contains things that improve your health. Do some cardio - could just be a walk every morning. Do some yoga. Lift weights. You mentioned in another thread that you’re in recovery but still taking Valiums to sleep at night. To me, that’s not technically recovery. It’s certainly better than shooting meth but it’s not good. Relying on a substance to help you do normal human tasks isn’t good. Fix that. Go to counseling or get in a recovery group (if you aren’t) or go to church if you lean that way. Develop some meaningful relationships - you also mentioned that you cut your friends off because they were still doing drugs. Find sober friends. Do you have family?

I’m not trying to be down on you at all. I’m not a former addict but most of the people I love most are former or current addicts. Many on meth. The fact that you got off and seem to want some type of improvement in your life is good. But if you want to really find success and happiness, getting just plain fucking healthy is a must. Getting bigger arms will only be part of it.

Anyway, went off a rant there. Specific to your physique, what’s your training look like now? You said you got your shoulders and chest bigger - how did you do that? Can you just keep doing that? Look at articles by someone like Paul Carter on here. He’s pretty physique focused. Many are very strength/athlete focused and that doesn’t sound like your goal.

Do you have any equipment to use right now?

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Souldn’t this

Be a lesson to avoid this?Do not forget about the side effects, like gyno, baldness, and other way more serious ones

I have a question and I’m not taking the Mick, this is a genuine question, why did you get clean from meth?

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I am going to offer the somewhat controversial opinion that one should not celebrate being clean from drugs by doing drugs. Especially if one is concerned about ruining their body to the point of not wanting to squat or deadlift.


If you’re referring to peds, I don’t think he said he had used, just was going to in the future (hence me trying to find out his motivation to get clean of meth), So praiseworthy effort thus far imo.

Correct. I am saying I find this a poor idea to celebrate being clean from drugs.

Agreed. Curious about the motivation for this.

Come on, dude.

Nobody goes from that guy’s before picture to his after picture, regardless of how flattering and deceptive the angles are, in 6 months. Especially not following extreme meth abuse. Combine that with the fact that his idol is a fucking moron who died at 22 from doing roids and coke, he’s had to order accutane to deal with acne, and he’s already throwing out cycles involving high dose tren, and said he will literally take poison (DNP) to get there.

You would literally have to be blind to arrive at the conclusion that he’s not already on steroids.

Edit: we can add that he’s currently requesting high-definition pictures of Zyzz’s arm so he can get an exact replica of the same tattoo on his own.


Haha ok fair point, I kind of missed the 6 months bit out of my thinking and was obviously being naive!

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Lol, rereading my post it came out as more of a flame on you than I wanted it to be.

Especially considering his physique is 100% achievable. Just not in six months after finishing a decades long drug binge and looking like a stick.


Haha it’s all good, I had a little cry then pulled myself together, told myself to stop letting the bigger boys but me!

Yea it’s the fact he looks natty that probably threw my thinking. Still curious about the thought process behind getting clean of meth then jumping straight on roids (presumably because it’s life controlling/consuming not for any health reasons? Wondering if the OP has considered the potential for psychological dependence on peds? I’d assume this risk is higher for existing addicts and also assuming he didn’t get clean for health reasons) genuinely curious to know I don’t see the outcome as a happy healthy or long lived one if peds are continued with reckless abandon.

Given his idol, as you say flap, doesn’t seem to be too concerned with much but living hard and looking good before the end!