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2 Days per Week


Hi evrybody!

I have a question about trainning 2 times per week is good choice to focus den only on 2 lift's ? For example :

Da1 :
A1. Clean and push press 5/3/1
B1. Incline bench press 5x5
C1. Bent over row 5x5
D1. Chin ups 50 reps

A1. Deadlift 5/3/1
B1. Overhead squat 5x5
C1. Snatch grip high pull 5x5
D1. Farmers walk

I have rounded scholder so I perfer overhead press than bench press also I have quad dominance so I prefer focus on Deadlift. Wil this be ok?


Please dump the OH squat. Its not a lift, its an assessment tool that will tell you “Hey, i can do an overhead squat.” And what is a “rounded shoulder”?

I recommend fixing the “rounded shoulder” with upper back and lat work WHILE using legitimate strength movements such as the squat, bench press, press, deadlift and clean. Doing an OH squat will not fix the problem. Nor will adopting the horrendous program model that “weak point” training has caused over the years.

Do things right. It works.


Hej Jim!
Thank you for replay. I will follow your advice.
And I will try somthink like this :
Day 1:
A1. Squat 5/3/1
B1. Bench press 5/3/1
C1. Snatch grip high pull 5x5
D1. Chin ups 50 reps

Day 2:
A1. Deadlift 5/3/1
B1. Clean and push press 5/3/1
C1. Bentover row 5x5

Do you think thats fine? I wont to and somwhere snath gripp high pull.


I think high pulls are what people do when they can’t lift a weight properly. Unless you are a competitive OLY lifter, do a power snatch or hang snatch. I’m totally serious about this. Do the real lift! Experienced lifters can do high pulls because they know what role they have and what they are trying to achieve. Others just do them because it was in an article or because doing the real lift - its a huge eye opener of their weakness. It’s hard to take when one realizes they can’t do a snatch with 135.



Press or PushPress

Keep it simple. Keep it basic. If you squat 600 and snatch 275, you’ll be pretty strong. So keep your eye on the truth and on performance, not on gimmick lifts and trends. Good luck.

Write down these lifts:

Bench Press

99% of the reps you do in your training should be from these 6 lifts. These are your cornerstones. These are your foundation.
Anytime you read an article touting the “latest and greatest” or some ridiculous circus-lift being championed by a charlatan, refer to these 6. And remember what really makes you strong. It’s these lifts.


Wow thanks for all the goods you wrote :slight_smile:
I have 2 more question to you. Haw many reps and sets you recomend to snatch and clean. Do it with 5/3/1 or somthing else? I’m beginer in this exercises.
Also will be god to add some bodyweight crosfit and run workouts in gym free days?