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2 Days on 1 Off


Hey i have been training with a 5 day a week of lifting with 2 days of active recovery such light cardio and light lifting. But i feel like it is not letting my body recover as much as it should be. I try to take a week off every few months but its hard. Would it be better for recovery and growth to workout 2 days on with 1 rest day to help with recovery and giving each muscle group adaquite time to recover. My week right now looks like mon: legs tues: arms : wens: chest thurs: back fri: shoulders with HIIT cardio. any suggestions?


Clean up your diet, you will recoup better.

The work out schedule is up to you. I work out 7 days a week (alternate with heavy, cardio, secondary, etc) and no problem with recoup. I also work in a hot kitchen 8-10 hours a day.

Just eat right.


My diet is very clean i only eat organic and never eat white carbs, i eat every 3 hours with clean protiens and lots of vegtables and whole grain carbs, yea i work construction so i know were your coming from


If you work construction, I hope that you are ingesting +3k calories a day, hack around 4k.


okay yea ive been try to get alot in, ive been brining lots of whole eggs and stuff, do you have any other food suggestions?


i love sirloin.