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2 Days of HIIT with Layer System, Too Much?

Hey fellas.
So i’m going to start the Layer system program (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/layer-system) in a few weeks when my shoulder gets healthy, and i’m already happy with my leg size so i won’t be squatting. I’ve been doing HIIT training twice a week to maintain my legs for a while, its basically Sprinting 10x15 seconds and 3XMAX for 2 min.
Will this interfere with my recovery for the upper body lifts?

So what does your split look like?

Take a look at the article i linked to get a full grasp of what the program is about. From what i understand its very taxing.
Here is the split:
Monday: Snatch grip high pull
Tuesday: Sprinting and Cycling
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Bench press
Friday: Sprinting and cycling
Saturday: Preacher curl
Sunday: Incline bench press

I’m familiar with the program. Just try it and see how you feel. There are much less stressful ways of maintaining your leg mass than high volume HIIT.

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WHen i first did the layers I used CT"s original 6 day program (incline tilt, SGHP, delince tilt, SGHP, OHP, TBDL)

Made the best gains of my life (acutally enough to try a NPC mens physique).

Super intense. Looking back I don’t even know how I managed to do it - that was a shitload of clusters, density & back then he even had “pump” work after the high density layers.

Granted I never went full throttle on the deadlift or even OHP. MOstly the incline and decline tilts & SGHP.

Your split looks very much manageable. Mon-Wed is quite easy actually asSGHP (done form blocks) can recover quickly. Sprinting and cycling well that’ll depend on how hard you go. But then you have rest day and rest of the week is really just 2 upper body days (preacher curl layers are almost active recovery)

just my 2 cents!!

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