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2 days in a row?

Anybody train the same bodypart 2 days in a row?
I occasionally do this, and though it would contravene all the rules of overtraining, it can’t be too long before it’s revealed as “the secret to massive muscle growth”.

Yeah, some you can get away with (will vary person to person) and see gains. Chest is that way with me - It take a hell of a beating and still grow!

I do that with traps. I hit them very heavy on Saturday with shrugs and upright rows then on Sunday I do some light cable shrugs for reps for a pump. Of course I want my traps to touch my ears (never will, I’m sure, but I keep trying)

I’ve had some success training calves 2 days in a row w/ the second day being a light, stretch and pump the muscle day. Actually, it won’t be to long before its revealed to be the Weider Double Training Principle.

It’s also known as russian “super position training”.It’s used for muscles that don’t respond to “regular” training protocols.
You train a muscle two days in a row then
rest it for several days.Supposedly protein
synthesis increases on the 4th or 5th off day.

back when i was in high school a few years ago, i started every workout (Monday-Friday) with bench and therefore worked chest 5 days in a row. i still made gains in strength but hypertrophy was definitely out of the question, even though i was relatively a beginner. how stupid i was…

This might not be the same thing but, since I train west side style its not unusual for me to train the same body part two days in row, two days a week, now those second days are for recovery and GPP, and the overall workload per body part is low per extra workout session. This is also powerlifting but dave tate wasn’t kidding about the growth if I didn’t keep my protein under 1 grm/day I could probably put on 1lb every other week, before anyone freaks out I use the modified get big diet.

there are 2 ways that i know of that you can do this. One is lightly high reps, it is not training in the usual sense, it is just a means to get blood to the muscles for active restoration. The second would be to train in a more regular fashion, to break the muscles down more. Pavel talked briefly about this in the second interview

I recall it being referred to as “double blast training” in a mag about 12 years ago - apparently all the Venive beach “greats” were employing this method. That was the first and last time I heard it mentioned though.