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2 Day/Week Training


first please excuse my English.

What do you think about using the template of 2 day/week training (p.62-63) BUT training 3 times/week ?

Let say squat 5/3/1 + variations + SLDL/GM is workout A
bench 5/3/1 + variations + lat is workout B
DL 5/3/1 + variations + SLDL/GM is workout C
OHP 5/3/1 + variations + lat is workout D

This could be :
week 1 : A, B, C
week 2 : D, A, B
week 3 : C, D, A
week 4 : B, C, D

Thank you for all your work, I really enjoy your books and programs, and help.


This is 3 day’s a week training. Nothing wrong with it. I like it

Mon - press
Wed - deads
Fri - bench

Mon - squat
Wed - press
Fri - deads


You can also do

Mon - Squat

Wed - Bench

Fri - Dead and Press

This is up to you though.

That is the same as the original 5/3/1 program and is in the book. It works very well.

Thanks !

Of course I’ve read this in the 2nd ed.
I asked for this because of the addition of the ‘variations’ movements. This will result in squatting and SL-deadlifting once every 4 days and I wanted to know if Jim would recommand this.


Personally, I can only recommend what I’ve done (thus why I recommend it.) If you want to go out on your own, I’m all for it. But I can’t say “YES!” if I haven’t tried it. Good luck and pave your own way!

Thank you !