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2 Day Template: Start w/ Hypertrophy or Strength Phase for Sports Training?


I am a 30 year old male, 5’10", 180 lbs. I have an obstacle course race in 7 weeks, in which I’ll be doing sports specific training 3x/week (consisting of running/sprinting, calisthenics and loaded carries). I want to use the 2 day template (page 59 of beyond 531), which alternates hypertrophy and strength phases. Which would be more useful leading up to the race?


Last year, I did my first obstacle run. I’m a beginner with 531 and I never run.
For the preparation ( 2months), I did simply the 531 reps with PRs, and a lot of bodyweight exercices as assistance, sometimes suppersettted.
I had good results, I meen the run was a good moment.
But I did it like a beginner. I just found that this prep was perfect for me.

PS sorry for my english.


thanks, I have bodyweight exercises planned for other days of the week, often mixing them in with runs and sprints.


I would choose strength with 7 weeks out. I don’t think you’ll sabotage yourself with either though.