2 Day Split Program Suggestions?

I’ve done a few searches on 2 day splits and mostly come across upper/lower splits. That doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. So that means you load chest/arms/back/shoulders all in one day and leave Legs/Calves for the next?

Are there any good programs or other 2 day splits out there? (apart from DC)


How else would you do a 2-day split? Doesn’t it seem obvious that if you are dividing your body in half, that you do upper/lower?

The only other option would be front/back but thats jus wierd.

Upper lower it is, or go to a 3-day split.

You could go chest/back/shoulders, then arms/legs. Ive been using it. Best gains Ive ever gotten.

sounds like a good split. How many days a week do you train? how many sets and exercises per workout? (* if you don’t mind me asking?)

I am presently doing chest, shoulders, and arms on day 1; legs and back on day 2. If you want another example of a way to do a 2-way split.

You don’t want to know how many sets per workout. Seriously. (And it wouldn’t be relevant, as what I am doing is not something one would ordinarily do most of the time.)

As to when I’d do the above vs what Donovan described: If there are no DL’s in the program, then I also like his approach. With DL’s in there, myself I don’t like having them the day after training upper and midback.

That is assuming that they are consecutive days. If there’s a rest day between then it’s workable for me even with DL’s in the program.

I’m doing one similar to Charles Stayley’s A-B split (the one that he recommended in the article).

I basically just divide the body in half:

A pile
-Back width

B pile
-Back thickness

As for reps, I’ll just alternate. First time I do session A, I’ll use a 3-5RM. Second time, I’ll use a 8-10 RM. Sets will vary from session to session. Here’s why: I’ll ramp up to the working weight that I’ll use. However, I’ll do as many sets as I feel I need with that weight to fatigue my muscles. For squats it might only be 2-3 work sets, while for my back, it might be up to 6. Whatever I feel is necessary.

Thanks for these posts.

Modok, I used to be a 3 day kind of guy myself but I work all day and go to school at night, so a 2 day split - training 3-4 days a week suits me better.