2 Day Split Concerns

About me:
5"11, 186 lbs @ ~9.6% body fat. Goals are to increase strength, and to be able to dunk. Currently have a ~38" vertical.

Here is the split I’ve been following for almost 3 months:
Day 1:
Barbell Rows
Military Variation
Weighted Pullups
Weighted Dips

Day 2:
Power clean
Db Rows
Bench Variation
Weighted Pullups
Weighted Dips

I’ve made some pretty good gains so far, set new PRs in every lift.
At time it’s physically and mentally draining, but I push through and eat well, so that’s not the problem.

My concern is shoulder development. I feel like doing this split won’t help me build and strengthen my shoulders.

So I guess I’m looking for advice concerning developing my delts. Should I add additional lifts to focus on my delts? Or is this split just not good for that goal?

Thanks, I appreciate all advice/constructive criticisms.

You are doing Snatch, rows, dips, presses, pullups, cleans. Your shoulders “should” keep up with the rest of your body with all the movements it is doing.

nothing wrong with adding “conditioning” (lighter weight, higher reps, isolation movements), but I would watch out. Keeping them healthy should be a bigger concern then getting them bigger.