2 Day Programming Help

Jim, what is your recommendation for a basic program for someone looking to train 2 days per week? As background, I played college football and have been training regularly for over 20 years (I’m 37). I’ve had a number of significant injuries over the years (back surgery, ankle surgeries, shoulder surgery) and therefore ongoing injury prevention is key. I also have to balance time between work and family, which is why 2 days works best for me. You have provided so many great programming options recently, I am having a hard time settling on a program. I tend to overthink things and would love your opinion on a solid long-term programming option. Thanks – your new book is great!

Here’s a great guideline from Jim’s own blog that influences my own programming. “Training 2 Days a Week Lifting Through Med School or How Busy Taxpayers Find Balance”. That’s a great resource that’s guided a lot of my own training over the past two and a half years of running 5/3/1.

Jim, thanks for creating a program that any halfwit can sort out,

There are dozens of two day/week programs out there - as usual, my advice is to see which ones you can do/understand or can physically do. I will say that if you do train (lift) two times/week, I would HIGHLY advise that you do something on those other days (mostly easy conditioning work and lots of mobility). The latter is super important the older you get/more injuries/stiffness. It is a simple but boring task but works wonders.

As for one “do this” template, I can’t really give you; I wouldn’t say one is better than the all the rest. When you add in injuries, things really become askew. Just make sure you concern yourself with what you CAN do, not what you cannot do. The older one gets, especially with a long history of lifting/football, the more restrictions one has. And aging is inevitable; don’t fight it. Just embrace your current abilities; don’t be swallowed by the past.

Thanks, Jim. Appreciate the reply. This helps crystalize my plans - rotate through various programs 2 days/week (some of which may include extending 4 day programs over 14 days) and then walk/do Agile 8 on off days. Time to get to work!

I ran 2 days a week for a while a few years ago due to crazy work schedules. The hardest damn part is getting work in on the off days. For me I was using off days for working OT and renovating my house, helped keep my strength up but I would have felt a lot better had I made time for other things as well. Good news is things like a weighted vest walk can be done first thing in the morning before the family gets up, just got to get creative. Good luck!

As someone who falls into the “older” lifter category I would just like to reiterate the advice to do lots of mobility work on off days. I’ve had knee problems, rotator cuff injuries and last year ruptured biceps tendon but what I’ve learned is that with the right attitude to mobility you can actually maintain/improve your health as you age. And 20-30 minutes a day is a small investment for long term health.