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2 Day Powerlifting Program, Main Lift Percentage?

Hey everyone. Question on the two day powerlifting program for 5/3/1. On the main lifts it says 5/3/1. Does that mean exactly that 5 reps at 70 percent, 3 reps at 80 percent and 1 rep or more at 90 percent?

Not exactly. Week 1 is 5 at 65%, 5 at 75% and 5+ at 85%. Week 2 is 3 at 70%, 3 at 80% and 3+ at 90%. Week 3 is 5 at 75%, 3 at 85% and 1 plus at 95%. Do you have the book? It sounds like you don’t. There’s a lot more to it than I just laid out.

I have 5/3/1 and beyond but not the powerlifting one yet. I came across the programming somewhere but it just says Monday squat 5/3/1 Thursday bench 5/3/1 than week two is deadlift Monday Thursday press 5/3/1. There’s more work with all them but it’s laid out with leg press 5 x 10 and easy to understand. So it sounds like the 5/3/1 is to be run like any other 5/3/1 progression where one week you start with 5’s than 3s and than 5/3/1.

Sounds like you have the 4 main lifts over 2 weeks.
Meaning a cycle is 6 weeks.
Many powerlifting programs have a 3/5/1 setup