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2 Day Per Week Routine for a Type 3

Hello coach! Through trial and error I have found out that I’m a 100% type 3 and that I do best with training only 2 days per week. Having 2-3 days of rest between workouts allows me to go on without a deload in the long turn. The general concept of my training revolves around general fitness and hyperthropy. My training schedule at the moment looks like this:

Day A

Squat 5x8-12
Standing press 5x8-12 supersetted with pullups 5x8-12
GM 5x8-12

Day B
Squat 5x8-12
Dips 5x8-12 supersetted with BB row 5x8-12
GM 5x8-12

Would you say that this can be improved in any way from your point of view?

My other question would be how would one adapt the GVT for a neurotype 3 from your site if one can train only 2 days of week? Full body everyday or an upper/lower body split?

P.S. I train in my home gym and all I have is chin/dip station, a squat stand and a barbell.