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2 Day or ?


I am looking for a little input on what to do. Due to my work schedule, I can only due barbell work when I come home. I am able to make it home some weekends for two days, sometimes it's just for one day, and occasionally not at all. I thought about the full body template, but when I do come home I have wood to split and pile.

So don't want to push the weights too much. Would the two day template be suitable? 5's pro and fsl? Even if it's on back to back days and occasionally spaced out over a week or two? While away I do take a kettlebell with me to do swings and tgu's. My work is very labour intensive as I am building the railroad. Thank you.


Forgot to mention. With the cooler weather on its way, I am looking to add a little size to my my frame and let the summer abs hibernate.


I’m 42, dad with two boys, a lot of work. I’ve choose two days / week and I do the 28 weeks template.
I can tell you that I’m happy … and sore … what make me happy. And that’s all. Don’t care about how many day, just do it. Or you’ll be blocked with all the questions and will allways find a reason not to do the job.
Besides the lifting days, strech, conditioning. Et voilà.


The suitable template is the one you can commit to for the next 6 weeks - we have no idea how tired you will be or what splitting wood will be like for you.

However, we can tell you that as long as you have a basic outline and follow the principles you can now make “in the gym” decisions regarding your work load as determined by your work schedule. So there is no template to follow, really. Not in your situation.