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2 Day Diet BBB/3x5 FSL 5/3?

Hey Jim,

I’ve been running a 2 day template for the past few months now. Doing Squat/Bench and Deadlift/Press while supersetting the assistance from the 3 areas. It has been working out pretty well to program my 5/3 cycles doing PR sets + Widowmakers as the leader and just PR sets as the anchor.

I’m checking out the Diet BBB template as I would like to start trying to use 5s Pro plus supplemental for a change.

Sticking to a 2 day template as shown above with Squat/Bench on one day and Deadlift/Press on another, could I do this?

Cycle 1-3
5s Pro + Diet BBB
Assistance: 50 reps from Push, Pull, Core

Cycle 4-5
5s Pro + FSL 3x5
Assistance: 50 reps from Push, Pull, Core

I’ve been running a mile for conditioning a few times per week. My mile time is slowly creeping down. I’m sitting at around 7 minutes now. Feeling good about that.

Thanks for any advice. I feel that now that I’ve been thinking more about the bigger picture and planning out 4 or 5 cycles, things are really looking good for me. Plus, the addition of the assistance as you now suggest has been most helpful. I would also like to add that life got a little stressful a few weeks ago and I started to skip my daily Agile 8 which proved to be a big mistake. You have always been right.


This makes my heart happy - you did not give me a heart attack! This is good shit.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the help.